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Different FAQs About Geiger You Must Know in 2021

Different FAQs About Geiger You Must Know in 2021 | EPI EXPRESS

Recently, comic book creators Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have teamed up to produce Geiger. If you’re excited about this creator-owned comic, you’ll be thrilled to know more about the details behind it. Here are some answers to the different frequently asked questions about the new comic by Johns and Frank. 

How Long Was This a Thought?

This comic was thought up while the duo was working on their last story together, Doomsday Clock. In other words, their idea has been around for a while. 

How Did It Develop?

Basically, it started with a very young and moldable idea developed by Johns. The pair worked on it together to take it from the initial “Atomic Cowboy” idea to Geiger

Why Is It Creator-Owned?

The designers chose to develop a creator-owned comic because they wanted something new on the market. They have both spent many years drawing superheroes and thought creating something different would be fun. This was definitely a change of scene. Plus, it is theirs to do with as they please. So once they got the idea, they were able to run with it on their own terms. 

Is It Different Because It Is Creator-Owned?

It’s not really different than a standard comic because it is creator-owned. There is still a lot that goes into character development and the materials. Even though a company is not producing it, it is still very well put together and was turned into a great story. 

Who Is Geiger?

In short, Geiger is a man who is sick. Before the bomb drops, he is unsure of where his life is going and completely focused on ensuring his family’s safety. This is partially what keeps him alive as he puts everything he has into protecting the fallout shelter that contains his family. 

Who Else Is in the Comic?

To avoid any spoilers, it is best to read the comic yourself to find out who else is in it. That said, there are two orphans who you will meet while reading the comic who are almost as important to the storyline as Geiger himself. 

What Is the Setting?

The primary setting is an expanse of land that has been hit with the atomic bomb. Aside from this, you will see Las Vegas after the bomb, which resembles a wasted city. 

What Are the Best Drawing?

The best drawings are by far the interactions between the characters. You can see the amount of detail in the artwork, see the expressions on the characters’ faces, and feel their attitudes and emotions. This is what makes the comic so satisfying to read. 

What Is the Most Enjoyable Part?

The most enjoyable part about the comic is that the characters all seem to have hearts and humanity. This helps you relate to the characters. Overall, this helps you understand the protagonist, so you feel like something is at stake while you read. 

Since it was released, this comic has been a hit, and the fans are dying to know more about it. Hopefully, this list covered your questions about the background of the story.  If you are one of those who want to know more about how the story of Geiger began, then you should get yourself a copy of the back issue comics of the character to know more about him and the origin of the story.

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