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Digital Marketing Types that are Sure to Boost your Business

Digital Marketing Types that are Sure to Boost your Business

How will people who live in remote areas and need services get to know about it? This is where different Digital Marketing Types can help.


Gone are the days when people used to look up to libraries and print media to seek information. The most prominent way to seek answers, information, and knowledge over a topic is through the internet. Google has made it possible for literally everyone from even the most remote corners of the world to access all sorts of information. Google, to be precise, is seeking answers on behalf of people from all over the world. It is basically a search engine that aims at answering people’s queries on various topics.

Now, suppose you are an enterprise, a business, or a company that can provide a solution to a query that people are frequently asking. Suppose let us say that, due to the pandemic situation, most of the people in your country have been quarantined in their homes, have been forced not to move out of their houses. But they do still need ration, medicines, daily household items, and much more. 

Suppose, due to this excessive demand for housecare items and daily survival stuff, people have started to look up apps that could offer these services at cheaper rates and in the least time possible. And your enterprise deals in, let us say, providing household facilities, ration, etc. But how will people who live in remote areas and need these services get to know about it? This is where search engine optimization comes into play.

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People have become smarter, so when they look up answers on the internet, they scan through the results and choose which suits their requirements. Now, you know that the services that are being given by you are apt for the users, but how would Google know, and how would your business reach your prospective users?

Either you could write about it online in your blogs or share a video or an ad on television. All of these practices are part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a type of marketing done through electronic resources to help a business expand globally. Now, the best way to reach a national or global audience is obviously through the Internet.

An enterprise can go from rags to riches in no time if they have the know-how of digital marketing. Thus, there are several digital marketing companies that use these marketing practices to help businesses create an online presence. 

Here’s a short preview of types of digital marketing. Read through to know which one is right for your business.

  • Social media marketing: When an enterprise uses social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook to promote their business, it is known as social media marketing. This marketing type helps a company connect with its audience through social media platforms and build a rapport. Many businesses, like Uber, Cisco, etc., are examples of social media marketing done right.
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  • Content marketing: This kind of marketing aims to create knowledgeable and effective content that users can rely on. As a content marketer, one aims to create and promote online videos, blogs, and social media posts that subtly promote a brand by stimulating interest in its products or services among the audience. TED is one of the companies which has build their business through content marketing.
  • Pay per click marketing: Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which every time an ad gets clicked, the advertiser has to pay the publisher. It is one of the most effective ways to advertise online because it helps the advertiser choose their target audience (language, demographic, language, etc.). PPC is swift and helps drive traffic to your sites with great ease.
  • Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization is one of the most useful marketing practices. This digital marketing practice focuses on increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic on a website through organic search engine results. You can find numerous SEO companies in India that provide excellent SEO services and gather the right audience for your business.  
  • Affiliate marketing: When you help an enterprise acquire customers by promoting their products, which you find useful and get a commission in return, it is known as Affiliate marketing. This is a low-risk, big benefit marketing practice that businesses follow. Big companies like Amazon and Flipkart follow this model of marketing.

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  • Email Marketing: When a commercial email or message is shared with many people having the same interests, looking for a service or a product, it is known as email marketing. This marketing practice would include sending advertisements, asking for donations, soliciting sales, and much more via email. Companies that have risen to fame using the email marketing model would be Marriott, Uber, and Apollo, an educational group.

All these digital marketing tactics, when done right, can help a business increase its engagement and expand its roots exponentially in a short period of time, which is why the right marketing strategy becomes an important aspect of every booming business.

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