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Diplomat found dead outside Berlin embassy was Russian

The German magazine The Spiegel reported on Friday according to Reuters. The Russian embassy confirmed the death in a statement to the country’s news agency Interfax.

Berlin police declined to comment. Citing security sources The Spiegel said it was not clear how the diplomat fell from above and what caused his death. He was a relative of a senior official of the Russian intelligence service the Federal Security Service (FSB).

A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry told a regular news briefing on Friday that the German government was aware of the death of a Russian diplomat in Berlin.

William Burns director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has met with the head of Russia’s influential National Security Council. The meeting took place in Moscow on Tuesday. The news agency AFP reported this information.

The press service of the National Security Council of Russia issued a statement regarding the meeting.

Nikolai Patrushev and William Burns secretaries of the National Security Council met the statement said They discussed RussiaUS relations.

The statement from Russia’s National Security Council did not elaborate on the meeting between Nikolai Patrushev and William Burns.

President Joe Biden. His visit is for two days. He is accompanied by a senior US official.

The spokesman for the US embassy added that members of the US delegation including the CIA director had met with officials at various levels of the Russian government to discuss various aspects of bilateral relations.

Russia’s relations with the West including the United States are at an alltime low.

In this context the CIA director went to Moscow.

U.S. officials say they want a cooperative relationship with Moscow on specific issues. These issues include the reduction of strategic weapons nuclear talks with Iran countercyber attacks etc.

19 by Berlin cops monitoring the structure the magazine said.

Citing security sources it said the man had tumbled from an upper floor at the consulate.

The officials called an emergency vehicle yet surgeons couldn’t revive him it added.

The government office affirmed in an assertion to Interfax news office that a Russian representative had passed on yet said it was “not remarking on this terrible occasion for moral reasons”.

Security sources told the magazine it was indistinct how the negotiator had fallen and what had caused his passing. The Russian Embassy had not consented to an examination Der Spiegel said.

The international safe haven didn’t quickly react to a Reuters demand for input on the Spiegel report.

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