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Do You Want To Adopt Without Any Interference From Agencies

Do You Want To Adopt Without Any Interference From Agencies

Do you want to adopt without any interference from agencies? Then independent adoption is a way to move forward. Independent or private adoption is where the birth parents select the adoptive parents themselves. During this approach of adopting a child in Georgia, you don’t need the assistance of an agency; rather, you can work out the details directly. However, you still need some help to complete all the legal requirements. So, the question is, who do you need to reach out to? This article has everything you need to know about independent adoption to help you go through the process of finding someone through your network to adopt from.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

What Is Independently Adopting A Child in Georgia?
As highlighted before, an independent adoption involves direct communication between adoptive and birth parents without agency. However, they will need to hire adoption professionals for different services. The adoption assisted by agencies will provide you with all the professionals to carry out a successful adoption.

Home Study Provider: You will need them to help you clear the crucial home study to qualify for adoption in Georgia.
If you take assistance from attornies like Tom Tebeau, it will become much easier for you to find other professionals you need for adoption.

When and How You Can Adopt Without an Agency?
If you want to adopt without an agency, then independent adoption is the step in the right direction. During this, the adoptive parents need to act like coordinators through every step of the journey. If a family wants to adopt, they would have to find someone within the network who is thinking of putting their child up for adoption.

As you will have to be extra careful and responsible for matching in a private adoption, it may take a bit longer than you initially anticipated. Here, if you choose the right adoption attorney in Atlanta, they will help avoid unnecessary delays in the process, even in the absence of an agency.

Independent Adoption Laws You Need to Know
It includes: Only Birth parents can finalize the adoptive parents. You will have to hire an adoption lawyer that will communicate and fulfill the legal requirements with birth parents. However, make sure it complies with the state laws.

To go for privately adopting a child in Georgia is a big step that requires a lot of research since you are not working with an agency. However, it does come with various benefits, which we have mentioned in the following section of frequently asked questions:

Is private adoption easier? However, with the private adoption, this time reduces drastically since you already know a birth parent who is ready to give up their rights

Are private adoption less expensive? Private/independent adoption is when the prospective adoptive and birth parents already know each other. This option is slightly cheaper, and the cost can range from $15000-$40000.

In what states is independent adoption legal? If you have decided to adopt a child in the United States privately, be mindful, it isn’t legal in every state. So, even if independent adoption is legal in your states doesn’t mean you can privately adopt interstate from any of the ones mentioned above.


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