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Dr. Joan Neehall’s journey of 35 years to spread happiness

It is safe to say that happiness may spread from one person to another. It is more probable that you will feel happy in your own life if you are around cheerful people, whether they are members of your family, friends, or even colleagues. So how exactly can one share happiness? Why should we go through all of the trouble? What does this imply for our sense of happiness, and what are some ways we may help others experience more? According to several studies, happiness may be contagious and transferred from one individual to another. The satisfaction of those around you is directly proportional to your level of joy. And when the people in your social circle are happy, they’ll be able to contribute to your happiness as well. A positive feedback loop is what we have here, and it is to everyone’s advantage.

In this article, we will examine the path Dr. Joan Neehall took to discover how happiness is distributed, some instances of how happiness has made communities or families stronger and happier, and some ways that she uses to transmit pleasure to those in her immediate environment.

Spread smiles Dr. Joan Neehall’s way

Dr. Joan Neehall. has always wanted to positively impact the world, going back as far as she can remember. Being kind is one of the simplest things you can do to bring more joy into your sphere of influence. As you go about your day-to-day activities, it is often something straightforward and speedy that you may perform. But there are moments when we fail to remember it. Or you have forgotten how it can be helpful to all of us?

The following are three things that she likes to keep in mind, all of which assist her in her efforts to become a more happier person:

No matter what you accomplish,  someindividuals in your life will be ungrateful, unhappy, and unwilling to reciprocate . However, the majority of people will treat you in the same manner in which you treat them over time.

She will be kinder  to herself if she acts kindly  toward other people. It may seem counterintuitive, but in her experience, her self-esteem improves whenever she works more compassionately toward people .Her happiness quotient increases when she is altruistic.

It has a ripple effect on her community. Being kind to other people makes her world a better and happier place. It’s as simple as that.

About Dr. Joan Neehall

Dr. Joan Neehall has devoted her career to teaching others how to improve their quality of life and has even authored books on the subject. As a clinical psychologist specializing in forensic work, she has almost three decades of expertise to share. She received  diplomate status  in forensic psychology after completing her graduate studies at the University of Toronto in clinical psychology . Her books, “Happy is the New Healthy” and “Habit of a Happy LIfe,” contain all the knowledge one needs to increase their level of happiness. She custom creates her terapy to to match each client’s specific needs, as seen by the testimonials posted on her website.Her clients express satisfaction with the treatment they received.  She empathizes with each clients and works with them  compassionately to help them build on their existing strengths . Visit her websites, and, for further information .

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