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Dream. Rise. Lead with the International Association of Women London’s Chapter!

The National Association of Women Business Owners has said that 11 million women own businesses in the U.S. They also have employee 9 million individuals, which in return generate 1.7 trillion in revenue.

However, as much as it is easy to write, it is comparatively complex. Although women-owned businesses are still small in numbers, the obstacles women face are much bigger than the revenue they generate. Some of those hurdles have been listed below.

  1. Lack of professional women mentors

It would help if you had excellent coaching and advice throughout your professional career, whether as part of an organization or as an entrepreneur. Advancing through the stages in business requires good support from experts when you are a rookie. Comparatively, there are fewer female leaders than male leaders in the workforce today; hence, fewerwomen mentors who can guide a woman through the hurdles of everyday business.

  1. Balancing Professional and Personal Life

For a woman, it is hard to balance work and personal life together. Women are expected to be good mothers and professionals simultaneously. This expectation has led many women to keep their careers aside and focus on their families.

Work-life balance is a problem that many women experience in their lives. They begin their day by getting the kids dressed and prepping the house while running to the office. After a long day, it is much more difficult to care for your house and children when you have professional responsibilities hanging over your head. Maintaining a work-life balance is thus a challenge for women.

  1. Unconsciousness Bias

The biasness is one of the difficulties that women confront in the workplace or in their professional endeavors. Because of the gender stereotype, they are frequently frowned upon and their advice is ignored. These acts frequently put a woman under pressure and push her to act, dress, and speak in a specific manner.

  1. Unequal Pay

This is just another challenge that women must face in their jobs. Many celebrities have also spoken out against the fact that women are paid less than males. Women are likewise held back in terms of advancement.

However, many organizations in the world are helping women not only build their careers but also assisting them in growing and supporting them in every aspect. One such organization is the International Association of Women.

The International Association of Women (IAW) has a diverse number of members around the world. IAW helps there members by connecting them through events, resources, and programs that cover a variety of topics supporting women across eight core pillars: Leadership, Professional Development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Financial Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Branding and Communication, Community & Outreach, and Health & Well-being. The International Association of Women (IAW) recently established a chapter in London. You can be part of the organization by becoming a member and avail of the benefits.

The IAW’s London Chapter encourages interested individuals to learn more about the organization and join this vibrant and growing community. Or, to put it another way, like their slogan suggests, “Dream. Rise. Lead.”

IAW Member benefits provide networking opportunities, resources, and support for professional women in their careers, businesses, and work-life balance. Women are given the tools and connections they need to advance their careers and businesses through online and in-person events, partnerships with established industry leaders, and expert content.

Ngan Nguyen is The Chapter’s leader, who is also an entrepreneur and strategist; he is eager to build the IAW community in London and is encouraged by the group’s rapid growth. Nguyen reports, “We have already filled 9 of the ten roles on the board and have been expanding rapidly since January 2022.”

And suppose someone aspires to become a successful entrepreneur. In that case, you should not waste your time and get your membership to avail yourself of the benefits and advice a rookie business owner needs.

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