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Drugs for pain medication, taking will lose sexual energy

Drugs for pain medication, taking will lose sexual energy

Painkiller morphine tablets. From production to use, there are restrictions from the Department of Drug Administration and Drug Control. Only licensees can sell the drug to specific patients on the advice of a doctor. But it is available in the open market, matching different drug stores.

Detective police have arrested two people for illegally selling oxy-morphine tablets in the open market. 20,000 tablets were recovered from them.

For a long time, a cycle has been selling the drug at exorbitant prices in the Mitford-centric drug market. Although the price of 20 tablets of Oxy-Morphon was 400 rupees, the cycle used to sell for two to two and a half thousand rupees.

Detectives say morphine is in high demand among university students as a drug.

Rajib Al Masud, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lalbagh Division, Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police, said it was being widely used in several places towards Jessore-Pirojpur. We found out that young people are taking more of it. Especially becoming popular among students. I have got the names of a few universities where this drug is used more as a drug. It is forbidden to sell it in the open market. So those drug addicts are willing to buy the forbidden thing at a higher price.

Experts say it is a euphoric drug. Dhaka University Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Dr. AKL Kabir.

The expert said that the effect of this drug is to damage the heart, kidneys and liver

The biggest warning for young people is that long-term use will reduce sexual energy. The monitoring organization has to be proactive to stop this. Law enforcement may have conducted an operation and seized some drugs. Then he filed a case. After a few days out of jail, they will do it again. That is not the solution. The solution is to make the monitoring more robust.

He further said that these medicines are needed in our country. But not too much is needed. It is required in very small quantities. So one suggestion is that the drug is manufactured through government controlled EDCL and can be marketed in a controlled way. That is, they will collect from EDCL according to the amount required in a hospital.
Detectives also said they had found some drugs that were being used as an alternative to yaba.

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