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E-Commerce Returns Into Second Chance Sales

Managed improperly, returns can become a plague on any ecommerce retailer, but they do not have to be. With such a large number of returns, businesses could quickly begin suffering losses if they don’t start reconverting customers who are making returns. Implementing the following five tactics in your organization can reconvert customers as they navigate their returns process—while padding the bottom line of your online business.

Before offering a solution, you will need to determine the reason for the return. Empathize with the customer and listen to their needs. Implement a process that asks customers their reason for returning their item. You can utilize a microsite for the customer to input information during the returns process.

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Set up a return merchandise authorization

The customer will now have to contact your business online, through email or over the phone before making a return. This gives you the opportunity to offer another solution, potentially saving a sale. If you have an automated returns system in place, you can define the reasons of the return and even request photos and prompts in advance for your support team to approve, if you so choose.

Suggest an alternative

If the purchase was clothing and the color or fit was off, you could suggest a more suitable item.

Identifying whether the item is defective, overpriced or simply doesn’t match up with advertising will enable you to address the issue and prevent returns in the future.

Consider offering a gift card or store credit

If a customer is intent on making a return, you can finally consider offering gift cards or store credit.

Ensuring that your business’ return process is quick and hassle-free will empower customers to follow through with a secondary purchase. In fact, 92% of shoppers say they would make a secondary purchase during the returns process if it was quick and easy.

Returns are inevitable, but with savvy customer service and the implementation of a process to track reasons for returns, you can reconvert shoppers into a sale and prevent losses to your business’ revenue.

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