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Earth is going to be zero oxygen

Earth is going to be zero oxygen!

The only planet in the solar system is Earth, where life exists. This oxygen-rich planet was not like that in the past. Scientists have predicted that this will not happen in the future.

Excessive methane emissions and low oxygen levels will make life difficult for the Earth. This green and blue planet will start to fade. Millions of years from now, there will be no life on this planet of the solar system. Scientists predict such.

Scientists say that the earth will be the same as it was 240 million years ago. There will be no more life on earth. There will be no man, there will be no other plant or animal.

As the days go by, the world is becoming uninhabitable. Everything seems normal, beautiful, but the day will come when there will be no air, no oxygen to breathe in the Earth’s atmosphere. In reality, there will be no atmosphere around the earth. Excessive heat from the sun and harmful radiation will destroy the weight layer. As a result, it will be impossible for oxygen-dependent organisms to survive, as well as photosynthesis for plants. After all, no animal or plant can survive on this planet without a few microorganisms. The earth will return to the way it was 240 million years ago. The earth will then be filled with highly toxic methane gas.

The amount of oxygen in the earth is decreasing. Because of the greenhouse, the earth will return to its former state. Humans and animals depend on oxygen every second. After billions of years, there will be no more oxygen on Earth. Earth will become a rocky planet like Mars. All the water in the sea will evaporate. The heat of the sun is increasing, increasing the carbon-di-oxide on the earth. The weight level that protects the earth is constantly being damaged. Without this weight level, there would be no barrier for the sun’s heat to enter the earth. The sun will absorb the earth’s oceans within 200 million years.

Recent research suggests that oxygen will be depleted at an alarming rate that no animal on earth will survive.

The data came from NASA’s Nexus for Exoplanet System Science study. The main researchers in the study are Professor Chris Reinhard, a geologist at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States, and Professor Kazumi Ozaki Zabi, an environmental scientist at Toho University in Japan.

Taden research says only microorganisms will survive on Earth. Without weight levels, the earth would be uninhabitable for any other animal. If climate change were out of control, the earth would be devoid of oxygen within the next 1 billion years. In the meantime the sun will age. Lack of carbon-di-oxide will make it difficult for the plant to survive. Even trees cannot supply oxygen to the earth’s atmosphere.

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