Easy DIY Tips For Detection of Water Leaks From Your Home

Water Leaks

Water leak is a common problem in every home that every owner faces sooner or later. The problem itself is not a big problem but the main issue is that people take it lightly. They don’t consider it to fix at early stage that can cause big looses to the home owners.

Normally water can leak from the taps that are not frequently used. These taps when not used for a long time there can deposit some iron parts or it can become rusty that weakens the joints and the pipes. Due to which the pipes may get leak.

Or water can also leak from the top water tanks which are made of plastic. Extreme weather conditions in winter can freeze the water if it is not properly insulated. Frozen water can damage the pipe joints in the water tank. Leaking water from the water tank can destroy your floor surface and can create cracks. 

After creating cracks in the floor, it can destroy the whole structure of the floor and then you need to pay thousands of dollars to get it reconstruct. Sometimes it becomes very difficult even for the experts. 

So, if you want to save your money and save your house, then detection of water leaks is very important.

Here are some DIY tips to detect the water leaks at your own and save the repairing cost that you need to pay in case of a big damage.

Keep an Eye on Water Bill

It is important to keep an eye on the monthly billing of the water. Normally the water bill remains the same if water is used only by the family members and there is no special event that has so many guests.

So if you keep an eye on the water bill you can detect the water leak. If you see a huge change in the water bill when there is no extra activity and in the same season, then it means that there is a water leak at your house.

Inspect Exposed Water Pipes

The exposed pipes can easily be inspected for any kind of water leaks. For this, manual inspection is required that is not a difficult task. Go to your basement and inspect any exposed pipes, taps and toilet.

Inspect your dishwasher and sinks, inspect your pipes on the garden, inspect showers and anything that you can inspect manually will help you to detect any water leak from any pipe. 

You should also check your water tank on the top for any possible water leak. 

Look For The Signs of Underground Water Leaks

Usually it is easy to detect water leak from the water tanks and from the exposed pipes. But when it comes about the underground plumbing, it is difficult to detect the water leak if you don’t know about their signs. 

A few signs indicate the water leaks and if you know these sign, you can save your time and any loss because of the leaks.

The signs of the underground water leaks are as follow:

  • Bending the wooden floor
  • Wet spots on the wall
  • Mold formation on walls or floor
  • Peeling of paint

If you see these sign, call an expert plumber to check for the underground plumbing issues and fix those issues before it can make a big damage to the structure of your house.

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