Ebrahim Raisi Helicopter crash video: President sitting calmly with officials

Ebrahim Raisi Helicopter crash video

Ebrahim Raisi, the 13th President of Iran was announced dead in a Helicopter crash. Iranian media announced the death of the President after he was found near Iran’s border with Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, Ebrahim Raisi Helicopter crash video was shared on various social media platforms. Mainstream media including BBC, Aljazeera, and more shared the video that was captured moments before the crash emerged.

The video shows the President sitting calmly inside his helicopter with other officials. The video was captured moments before it crashed in a remote mountainous region on Sunday and has been released by Iranian state media.

According to various sources, the helicopter crashed around 30 minutes after it took off from Azerbaijan and was traveling through heavy clouds and dense fog. It is said that the 13th President Raisi along with several senior Iranian officials were also killed in this incident.

Meanwhile, Lebanon declares 3 days of mourning for the Iranian President’s death. Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister Najib Makati has officially announced the three days of mourning over the death of Ebrahim Raisi and other officials who were in the helicopter.

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