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Eddy Perez

Eddy Perez Helps Shape Real Estate Industry as Chairman of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

In 2021, giving a voice to minorities is more important than ever, especially in industries such as real estate and investment. Achieving the American Dream is possible for people of any background within the United States, but in the past, many minorities did not have the information they needed to acquire property. Nowadays, the real estate market is evolving rapidly, and organizations with a purpose have been working hard to share the real estate industry, so it is inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Earlier this year, in March of 2021, the co-founder and CEO of Equity Prime Mortgage, Eddy Perez, was named a chairman in the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), an organization dedicated to empowering the Hispanic community by helping them access the tools and information needed to succeed in the real estate industry. Perez, who is a successful Cuban-American entrepreneur and mortgage lender, is helping to shape the real estate industry to be more inclusive and understandable for people of all backgrounds. As chairman of NAHREP’s Corporate Board of Governors, Perez has been working diligently to help expand the organization’s reach and give a voice to Hispanic communities within the real estate industry. The organization features a team of trusted real estate advisors and passionate advocates on a mission to empower Hispanic families and walk them through the process of achieving the American Dream in a sustainable way.

“My goal as chairman of NAHREP is to educate and empower people to realize that they hold the American gift. The American dream is an idea of what’s possible in this beautiful country, but the American gift is the fact that every single American has the ability to access homeownership. However, most do not know how to achieve this, and that’s where I step in. What is right in their hands is not being grasped because of the lack of education and awareness of what goes into real estate buying,” shared Eddy Perez. “At NAHREP, we work hard to share vital knowledge and educate Hispanic communities about how to navigate the real estate industry. It is an honor to work with such a revolutionary organization and I am excited to see the progress we make as a collective team working to make the industry more inclusive and accessible.”

Now that Eddy Perez has become chairman of NAHREP, he plans to continue his work as an advocate for the Hispanic community within the real estate and mortgage lending industry. NAHREP continues their work as a purpose-driven organization that is passionate about celebrating heritage and using entrepreneurial spirit to support the Hispanic community in the United States. By educating and spreading awareness of how simple the process of real estate investing can be, Perez and NAHREP are helping to give new opportunities for minorities for generations to come. Achieving the American Dream can be a reality for the Hispanic community with the right tools and knowledge on how to enter the industry and find success. 


To learn more about the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, go to NAHREP.org

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