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Education Response and Recovery During and After COVID-19

Education Response and Recovery During and After COVID-19

The undue effects of the COVID-19 outbreak have impacted almost all the major sectors of society, no exception. For some time, everything around the globe underwent a lockdown to check the spread of the virus. This forced the closure of the educational institutions as well.

The closure of these institutions in response to the pandemic has brought forward numerous issues, such as access to education, employment (as campus placements came to a halt), as well as broader socio-economic issues. Closures impacted students around the globe due to the pandemic.

With the lack of regular classes, learning has become harder to manage for students. Countless students, who were on the verge of starting their undergrad courses, had to defer it for an unforeseeable time. On the other hand, students who have just graduated don’t have any job offers. Students in the graduation process have been impacted due to a lack of industry training/internships.


Prepare for Better Future During COVID

Many companies who had offered campus jobs have either rescinded the offer or have put it on hold. Unemployment is rising, companies are freezing recruitment, and the global economy is set to experience the deepest recession since the Second World War. This situation will affect the final year grad students, too, as the world is still under the pandemic’s grip, and the path to recovery for the economies’ world over is still a mammoth one.

Below are some tips for final year grad students and freshers that will hopefully help them deal with COVID-19’s aftermath on their careers.

Be Curious & Never stop learning.

Maintain a child’s curiosity and be hungry to learn new things every day; constructive curiosity will always lead you to new places that give you chances to learn new things.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” You should have a passion for learning, as learning never ceases. When you cease to learn, you cease to grow.

Learn a new skill, a new language, a new technique, anything that interests you. This doesn’t just enrich your knowledge but also keeps your mind occupied constructively. Also, you never know when that particular knowledge will come to your aid.

Utilize this time by getting Certified

Most of the world is either under a lockdown or with limited mobility. University classes have moved online. This has given the students some time on hand.

Using your time in quarantine to your advantage is a great way to get ahead of the game. Utilize this time to update your knowledge and skillsets. Pursue online courses and certifications that can help you in securing a job in the future. Remember, these skill sets and certifications are the arsenals with which you can conquer the job market.

They will enrich your CV and lend credence to you as a candidate. It indicates to the prospective employer that you are serious about your job and continuously work towards upskilling yourself.

Courses in AI, digital marketing, programming languages, soft skills, etc., can give you the edge over your peers. For example, those who are eyeing to enter the field of business analysis could do the ECBA certification from IIBA.

With big changes coming to the world, especially the workforce, students need to throw themselves fully towards every opportunity coming their way.

Create a LinkedIn Profile for yourself and follow Industry & Thought Leaders

Most of the recruiters and employers these days are using LinkedIn to search for profiles to close their hiring positions.

Creating a LinkedIn profile for yourself and keeping it updated with your projects and internship details is absolutely imperative.

It is said that destiny is a lot about being at the right place and at the right time; the same holds good for an online presence. Follow Industry leaders and Thought leaders and keep yourself updated with the latest trends and happenings in the industry. This has the added advantage of knowing when any hiring is happening.


Create your CV and keep it updated

The most important step is to gather all the badges and good titles and organize them in your CV. Make sure your CV has all the relevant and updated data. Mention your active LinkedIn profile, working email id, and phone numbers so that prospective employers find it easy to reach you.

The first document to represent your skills and experiences needs to be top-notch. Avoid making inane mistakes that could land you in a troubled corner.

Rethink your career plans

Online studies conducted by various global organizations have shown that those who had a ‘hard and set, defined path’ in mind, such as entering the health care or hospitality industries straight out of school, struggle most.

Rethink your strategy, relax your acceptance criteria for jobs; now is not the time when you can be picky about accepting jobs. Please remember that the pathways to a particular goal aren’t always the same. Once the world economy is free from this pandemic’s grappling effect, you can always go back to the path you had always wanted to pursue.

Be open to Internship/ Volunteering Opportunities.

With each passing day, the job market is becoming more competitive. People are losing jobs, and new jobs are very few.

One way to tide over this situation is to seek internship opportunities. An internship will help you in the learning process and fill out the gap between your graduation and your first permanent job. Internships also give you the work experience that can be outlined in your CV.

Several websites, including many job portals, can aid you in seeking out internship opportunities in your geographical area. Register with such websites and keep a lookout for such opportunities.

There are several non-profit organizations where volunteering opportunities are available. Finding such opportunities and working there will also be beneficial to your career prospects. Though you won’t be getting any remuneration, the experience you get will gain you positive points during this time.

Freshers and grad students need to have a proper plan in place. Treat this time as obstacles in your course and work accordingly. Be positive and believe in your abilities.

Despite the fear and uncertainty surrounding one of humanity’s biggest challenges, economies around the world are still holding; our societies are functioning. This should give you a ray of hope. The Covid-19 pandemic will eventually pass. We don’t know when, and we don’t know how long it will take. Always remember, after every night, there will be a dawn. Human resilience will outmaneuver this challenge that has been thrown at us and emerge victoriously.

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