Ekadashi Parana Mantra in Bangla, English, Hindi

Ekadashi Parana Mantra

Ekadashi Parana Mantra is the most important part that is recited before breaking the fast by eating Prasad. Devotes recite this mantra on the next day of fasting, known as Dwadashi. Those who want to know the Ekadoshi Paron Montro, can get it in various languages including Bangla, English, and Hindi along with rules according to the Hindu Shastra.

As we all know, Ekadashi Tithi is the favorite tithi of Lord Vishnu among all Tithi. The 11th day of the Hindu Calendar is called Ekadashi which holds immense spiritual significance. Devotes keep fast during this tithi according to the rules.

Everyone who keeps fast on the day will break it on the next day called Dwadashi. Devotes break their fast by doing Parana. But before that, they must chant the Ekadashi Parana Mantra which is an important part for all who keep fast.

Devotees offer various fruits as Prasad to Lord Vishnu on the day. Then, they recite the Mantra with devotion and sincerity. It is said that devotees need to eat the Prasad to break the fast after chanting the holy mantra.

Here’s the Mantra

“Ekadashang Niraharo Bratenanen Keshav,

Prasid Sumukh Nath Gyandristiprado Bhava”

Devotees must recite this mantra and eat Parana within a certain period. Those who want to know the right time are advised to follow the tithi on the Ekadashi Calendar, check Ekadahi Boroto Talika here.

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