Elderly people app – utility bills and medicine reminder

Are you tired of scribbling down your pending bill on calendars and keeping tracks of your medicines?  Yes, now you can keep track of your payments and medications. Using mobile apps to remind you to do significant things may seem strange to some.

Why develop an app for utility bills and medication reminders? 

For older adults, the management of medications can be a problem and could lead to medication non-adherence. To lessen the risks related to medication non-adherence, healthcare providers may recommend medication reminder apps as an assistive tool. 

Features to have in an application:

Mobile app development Dubai takes care of the fact that nothing should come in way of your bill payments or keeping a track of your medications. That way you and a caregiver will get notifications. As a user, you can produce a timetable of healthy habits you want to track, and the app compromises helpful reminders to remain steady with the routine. Some healthy goals you can set for yourself which include staying hydrated, taking medications on time, and remembering to check vital signs like blood pressure.  The daily reminders consist of non-compulsory auditory and visual alarms. And if the consumer does not take a dosage, caregivers can be informed through a phone call or text message. 

Features for a utility bill app:

Calendar view
Bill payment
Various payment options
Notification alerts
User friendly

What you have to do?
 You can track your entire budget and keep a track of your payments. Mobile app development Dubai has a perfect solution for you if you are considering developing an app like this for the elder people,

For more information, schedule a meeting with our skilled developers who can guide you more. 


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