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Emachat is a New App For Unmarried and Long-distance Couples

Emachat is a New App For Unmarried and Long-distance Couples

Emachat is a new app for unmarried and long-distance couples with beneficial features and privacy. It’s a separate messaging app for two. This is a virtual meeting place for couples. It is personal, secure, and concerned with privacy. This app creates a separate platform for couples, and their privacy is never violated. Emachat has many beneficial features, unlike other apps. Let’s see how this app dominates others.

Separate app for two:

Emachat is a virtual platform that is made exclusively for couples. Other apps connect relatives, friends, and professionals, but Emachat was created specifically for couples to enhance their time alone. There is no chance for anyone to be disturbed by notifications or messages while in a conversation with his/her partner. Unmarried and Long-distance Couples This app is none other than a virtual platform made for only two people. This creates an uninterrupted private platform.

Live typing feature:

This app allows you to see every word typed by your partner on the other side, avoiding distraction and providing uninterrupted attention between lovers. This live typing feature is liked by many users as they consider this as reading their partners’ minds. One can not be disturbed by any notification as their complete focus will be on the text being typed. Most of the users compare this feature to reading the partners’ minds.

Smart video call:

While video calling on other apps if one wishes to say something intimate he/she has to whisper or switch to the chat screen. By doing so, he/she is interrupted and cannot see the partner’s full video. Sometimes the video screen goes to the corner of the screen. This can be avoided in Emachat. There is a special feature in Emachat that allows the users to video call and text on the same screen. Emachat’s Muted Video call (MVC) feature is ideal for nighttime conversation, while chatting one can mute video calls’ audio. This feature helps the users to simultaneously chat and talk on video calls without any interruption.

Default deletion:

While having an intimate conversation, it is so common to talk about private matters.

In other apps, it is hard to pinpoint and delete intimate conversations but to delete a chat in Emachat, simply swipe left. This app is well-liked by users as it is privacy-focused.

A place for celebrating special dates:

Emachat has a special function that keeps track of the number of dates you’ve spent together with your lover. Additionally, this app alerts you of your partner’s birthdays and your anniversary. The friendship between lovers can be strengthened by celebrating special occasions.

Chat at a specific time:

In Emachat you can text your partner only when you both are online. However, In other apps, if one’s partner is offline one can still text and wait for a reply, this creates a communication gap between partners. In Emachat you can text your partner only when both are online. This app uses this functionality to elevate your bond.

Watching videos and listening to songs together:

Even if you’re far away, Emachat provides a platform to listen to music with your partner. You can also spend your free time together, watching TV! This is one of the most liked features by users, as it is like a fantasy that happens only in movies. Though these things sound impossible, it is made possible with Emachat.

Privacy and Security:

Unlike other apps, you can keep both of your privacy protected here from others. This app is committed to protecting its users’ privacy and security. No third party can intrude because this app is end-to-end encrypted. This app stores no data and includes useful features such as end-to-end

As it has so many useful features, this app is rapidly gaining popularity among romantic couples all over the world. You can download Emachat to enjoy all these special features and privacy with your partner. This app has everything a couple could need to keep their relationship happy, secure, romantic, intimate, and private! You can visit emachat.com for further details.

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