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Energy Savings

Energy Savings by Use of the Correct Spray Nozzle

Rising production costs and fierce competition is resulting in manufacturing. Energy Savings companies looking at all aspects of savings, especially energy savings.

Spray nozzles of the right specification can lead to significant savings in both energy and raw materials.

One of the overlookareas is the use of the correct spray nozzle. Whilst frequently ignorin the manufacturing process, it is often this item of equipment that is the most important. Header tanks, pumps sophisticatcontrols, pipe work are all immaterial if the spray nozzle “at the sharp end” is not delivering the right amount of fluid (flow rate) at the correct spray angle and with the right spray pattern. This can lead to excessive wear on the pumps and ancillary equipment resulting in higher energy consumption and relatcosts.

The phrase

It sprays, is often used, but how effectively is often not considered. In addition to these more obvious savings there are a many “hidden” savings to be made.
Expensive down time and failequipment could be contributto poor nozzle performance.
Production lines designto operate continuously are expensive items if shut down owing to badly performing spray nozzles and this failure could affect the total production plant with the resulting unsuccessful distribution to customers, which in turn may affect their production.

All this from the wrong or poor performing spray nozzle!!

The correct spray configuration is essential to maximise the spraying operation and continuous spray nozzle development will lead to greater beneficial savings.

In addition, the wrong or worn out spray nozzle will eventually lead to poor finishproducts and possible rejection of expensive products. This could result in extra production to make good these shortfalls, with the resulting increase in energy costs. All this will reduce profit margins.

Initial investment will be requirto introduce the correct nozzle, but payback can probably be countin months and in some case weeks.

As an ongoing maintenance program, substantial savings will made by regular inspection and maintenance of the spray operation. Possible replacement when nozzles become worn, through blockages, corrosion, wear and accidental damage
Regular maintenance of the spray nozzles must undertaken to ensure the nozzles have optimum spray performance.

All nozzle configurations should analyson:

A regular basis to ensure that the spray pattern, flow and operating pressure cannot be improvupon. Possibly with new nozzle technology. The fact that the application process has not changed. The latter being the case then a new specification should sought.

As well as energy savings, raw material savings must also taken into consideration. It is feasible to experience water reduction of up to 40% in certain industries and spray nozzle applications.
Also to taken into consideration must the application where the spray fluid is not water. But more expensive chemicals or fluids. With correct nozzle design even greater savings may achieved.
Energy savings can made in pump operation and it some case it is possible to reduce the number of pressure pumps, thereby saving considerable operating costs and associatmaintenance cost.

To summarise energy savings:

Raw material savings and a reduction in the wear and tear of other equipment can all experiencif the correct spray nozzle is specified.

The specification must include nozzle material, spray angle, spray pattern, flow and pressure. With all these set correctly a regular maintenance programme should undertaken. With the correct specification and maintenance schedule then energy and raw material savings can expected.

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