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Escape room Games and team building activities

Escape room Games and team building activities | EPI EXPRESS

An escape room can get you out of reality. You are locked in your room for an hour. Nothing else matters. You become part of a story, and your sole purpose is to leave the room wearing your spy hat; You have to wait for all the other distractions in your life – you have one mission to complete! Because of this, an escape room is a great way to refresh and reset your mind while having a good time. Aside from not spending your evenings in the cold, it’s hard to think of a reason not to go to an escape room.

No matter you are seeking options to spend the night out with friends and family or you are looking for options to create team-building activities, you will have many options including an escape room activity. But due to pandemics, you will find limited options in Chicago that are offering entertainment like Fox in a Box An escape Room Chicago games. 

Personal experience

The biggest fear of pandemics comes from easy proximity to others. This is the reason why many spots like clubs, hotels, and indoor activities have closed. In Fox in a Box Escape Room Chicago, each game is private, so you will not communicate with a stranger. Games are arranged so that you do not share the area with other players. 

Safe staff

You can be sure that the gaming staff is also taking every safety anticipation. All employees have their temperature checked while reporting at work. They must wear a mask at all times and follow a social distance of 6 feet.

Clean an escape room

All escape rooms are completely rinsed and sanitized between each game using professional atomic mist systems, and antimicrobial liquids. Masks and gloves are being given to the needy.

An exciting night

You will find an escape room games online full of fun and energy, as you will have only an hour to solve the puzzle. There are countless options of themes to choose from. You will have a great experience when you are done with escape room games. 

Other Team building activities in Chicago

Team building is essential for the smooth running of any company, and because of the coronavirus how and where we work, having a unified team is more important than ever. While most group team building tasks are limited due to pandemics, many corporate team building sites in Chicago are open and secure. Here are some of the best teams building programs in Chicago that are now open:

Great food and friendly competition

What about some friendly competition for team bonding? Pinstripes features 33,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor facilities with upscale bowling lanes, bokeh courts, stunning Italian dining, and a full wine cellar.

Room Escape

The Fox in a box an escape room in Chicago has eight unique themed escape room experiences to challenge your team. Nothing beats the excitement and mystery of the escape room for team building and bonding. Players need to work together to find the key, solve puzzles, and escape in less than 60 minutes.

Explore the city

Explore the city! Chicago has an interesting history, and Let’s Rome Tours takes your group around the city through fun and educational themed scavenger hunts. Join your team as you can find hidden gems and amazing sites all over Chicago.

See Chicago on Wheels

Want to see Chicago a little faster? Book a trip on Segway! The Chicago Segway offers spectacular tours for corporate groups of all sizes on the easy-to-use Segway. Tours run day and night, and knowledgeable tourist guides lead to museums, lakes, architecture, haunted attractions, and more of the past.

Chicago Food Tours

Your group is likely to feel hungry during your team-building program. Take care of both with a food tour! Chicago Food Planet takes corporate teams on a food tour of some of the city’s hottest restaurants. They can also customize your dining experience to suit your company’s needs.

Fantastic zoo experiences

Experience the Lincoln Park Zoo in a way you haven’t done before. Zoo Hack hosts corporate team-building events where they share stories of animals, habitats, and zoos that you might not hear anywhere else, full of games and social activities designed to maximize team bonds.

Lockdown has made everyone a little crazy. When you ask someone what their weekend was like, they’ll say, “Oh, we just sat around and watched TV shows as usual.” Instead, by doing an escape room, you answer something more impressive: “We found clues, solved the mystery, and survived some of the devastations this weekend. Why are you?”

Hope you love reading about Escape room Games and team-building activities. You can also play KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition for living a happy life.

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