Essential Things To Know Before Visiting Turkey

Visiting Turkey

Turkey is the dream place everyone should visit once in their lifetime. The rich culture, food and amazing people are a great experience you can enjoy in Turkey. It is always wise to do a little research before visiting any place for a better experience and avoiding trouble.

Why shall I visit Turkey?

Turkey is famous for its diversity. You will get a combination of European and Middle Eastern flavours in Turkey, which is unique. Besides beautiful tourist spots, they will offer you to indulge in their rich history, excellent food like famous Turkish delights, architectural constructions and many more for you to fell in love with Turkey. Many people are attracted to the beautiful sea, sand and sun experience in Turkey. Once you are in Turkey, you will find hundreds of reasons undoubtedly to fall in love with it.

Things to consider before visiting Turkey

An intelligent traveller should always be prepared before visiting any place. There are specific rules, regulations, and other things one should know before going on a tour to that place. You would want to offend any culture or do something that can hurt their feelings while visiting a site. Besides these, there are certain things to know before you make any mistakes, fall into common scams etc., while visiting Turkey. Check out the following list-

  • Visa- You will need a visa if you are travelling to Turkey. It’s an absolute must for vising this country. You can apply through the website for e-visa. You might take short trips during the visa tenure, or you can stay full time. It’s totally up to you.
  • Passport- Make sure that you have an up to date passport before travelling. Turkish authorities also want you to have valid access for at least six months from the trip date.
  • Extra cash- When visiting a new place, many unexpected incident or expenses can come your way. It is always wise to be prepared for such things and carry extra cash with you. Besides this, you can purchase through your card in all the big cities, but in smaller towns, you will need cash for purchasing and other stuff,
  • Best time to visit- Anytime is perfect for visiting Turkey. But April to May and September to November can offer pleasant warm weather and are considered the best time for visiting Turkey by many.
  • Respect the culture- Too much intimacy in public places is frowned upon in Turkey. So it’s better not to indulge in kisses and hugs in public spaces while in Turkey. You may search for Turkish manners and etiquette before visiting, which will allow you to understand their culture. When visiting a mosque, women should cover their hair, and men should wear full pants.
  • Language- It will help if you learn a few phrases to convey your message in Turkish, like sorry, thank you, etc.

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