European countries can boycott the World Cup

FIFA is thinking of hosting the World Cup for two consecutive years. Despite so many rumors, it was officially proposed yesterday. The proposal made by Saudi Arabia last May has become very popular among the least developed countries in football. But even in the face of this popularity, the question is whether he will go ahead with the proposal. Because, UEFA has threatened that no European team will play in the World Cup if necessary.

UEFA President Alexander Seferin had expressed his disagreement a few days ago. World Athletics President Sebastian Co has objected to hosting the World Cup for two consecutive years. Co-op thinks the Olympics will be a hindrance to this. Now FIFA is talking about hosting the World Cup and Euro every two years. This means that the top footballers will have to play one or another international tournament every year, not every two years. This extra football game could put their club career in question. So, like 36 other leagues in Europe, the English Premier League has issued an official statement against the FIFA proposal. Where they all united and strongly declared their opposition to FIFA.

Arsene Wenger, FIFA’s head of global development, says it is possible to host the World Cup for two consecutive years from 2026. In other words, the World Cup will be a few weeks before the 2026 Los Angeles Olympics. Coe, a member of the International Olympic Committee, could not accept the offer, saying, “I can’t find a good reason behind it. There may be undisclosed gains but summer sports (athletics) are very conservative in this regard. Because, it is difficult to get the attention of the media. If the World Cup is held every two years, there will be problems with the Olympic Games. ” But I think it will put a lot of players in a lot of physical trouble. Clubs and leagues are against it. My mind is saying you can add more games to the calendar if you want, but sometimes more (better).

Co can only keep appealing, but doing something possible for Seferin. And the UEFA president has announced to do so. “We can decide not to play here,” he told The Times. As far as I know, the South American teams are with us in this matter. Then good luck for organizing such a World Cup. My guess is, it will never happen because it is against the basic principles of football. A tournament for a month every season, a way to kill the players. ‘So far there have been 21 World Cups. Each of them has been won by a country in Europe and South America. The absence of teams in these two regions means the absence of teams like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, France, Spain. Such a World Cup will never arouse the interest of the spectators.

Seferin called a meeting of UEFA’s 55 member countries on Tuesday.  But the problem is, it will kill football. We are killing the players. I don’t think any club will leave footballers. That is what will divide us. I spoke with Javanimir Boban (former Croatian player, current UEFA football chief). He told me, now November comes just to cut a World Cup or Euro. Think about what happens every year! ‘

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