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Have you ever experienced intimacy, a sense of connection with the entire universe? In this experience, the purpose of being a forecaster of things vanishes completely; instead, you feel yourself to be whatever thing you are discerning. You don’t see the ocean; you are the ocean.

The awareness does no longer get divided into the thing you experience, and you as an adventurer, there is just natural experience with no splits. All human minds mold in this one consciousness, which creates all thoughts across all senses.

This consciousness, or an essential oneness, forms the base of the concept known as non duality. Here’s what you should know about the foundation of the non-dual teaching, according to which there is no more than one reality.

The Theory and Underlying Fundamental Concept

The non-dual theory is a philosophy that states there is only One Eternal Spirit pure to its existence, and everything in this universe is an inseparable part of it. It defines the world as something not real but an illusion created by the mind and senses.

The philosophy of Advaita Vedanta forms the base of this non-dual concept. It is closely connected with practical teachings on discovering the abiding reality within ourselves, known as Adhyatma Yoga.

The non-dual approach presents a view of the Self, reality, God or the Absolute, and the Highest goal of inner inquiry. Though it might appear lucid and prudently onerous, its objective is to help you make your inner discovery.

An Awakening

The non-dual philosophy is the essence of awakening, also known as enlightenment, liberation, and divine reunion. Once you have a deep non-dual experience, it starts the awakening process with your soul.

When you follow the prolific instructions of an adept specialist, the first tryst with the non-dual realization is surprisingly not so difficult to attain. Once achieved, it becomes a practice of deepening your non-dual awareness to affect all areas of life.

The Non-dual Experience

The non-dual ideology is quite fascinating; you don’t have to do practice at all to experience it. The reason being that it’s more of an altered state or religion perception.

Perhaps the non-dual awareness is always there, in all of our experiences, and if you look deep enough, you are sure to discover this root of all human cognition.

The ideal way to induce this non-dual consciousness is by pursuing unique meditation practices under the guidance of a skilled teacher. And with your already existing non-dual beliefs enlightened, you can realize all your perceptions about yourself and the world.

Non-dual Theory in Religion

Religions like Hinduism and Buddhism consider non duality concepts as the core of their faith systems. On the other hand, other theologies across the world, in one way or the other, operate on at least a path set on the non-dual principles.

As per the Hindu contexts, Advaita refers to the non-dual approach, literally meaning not-two-ness, involving oneness and identity with God. In the case of Buddhism, the theory is called anatta, shunyata, or rigpa. The Buddha Nature and Tathagatagarbha theories discuss in great detail the existence of non-dual aspects, but they consider it non-deity-based literature.

Non-Dual Philosophy, An Absolute Reality

Many religions worldwide describe achieving the non-dual vision synonymous with contacting God and the Universe, ultimately consciousness of everything.

However, no matter how much you believe it to be accurate, there is no way you can prove or test the insistence. It is the inner spiritual experience of oneness that proves the existence of this absolute reality, at least satisfying your soul search.

If you pursue it religiously with a professional by your side, it will, for sure, transform your life and how you interact with your dear ones.

Creating Non-Dual Awareness

You cannot see the entire world in your whole life; all you see is your constructed perception of decoded signals from your eyes. Your ears encode airwaves, and your brain interprets the sound experience. Whereas your nose and tongue code chemical signatures, which the brain converts into smell and taste.

It shows that you don’t experience the world directly. But, if you understand this deep-seated truth, you realize how “the entire world is consciousness.”

Efforts Required for a Non-dual Experience

The good news is that realizing the non-dual core values is an effortless experience.  From a spiritual stance, non-dual awareness underlies everything, it’s already there, and you are unknowingly experiencing it.

However, a trainer-instructed intense meditation can help you overcome any psychological barriers getting in the way of this self-realization. 

Summing Up

The non-dual philosophy is all about an enlightening experience of oneness, which, once realized, you can spend the rest of your life incorporating into your everyday routine. It is best to seek professional guidance for a genuine non-dual experience. Rest assured, your perception of your relationship with the outer world will change for the better good.

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