Everything you must know about Augmented Reality

In the following years, augmented reality or AR is likely to turn into the favorite training approach for equipping learners with highly accurate as well as updated information. AR is proved to augment the basic aspects of an organization, like collaboration, communication, training, etc. 

Access to Augmented Reality

AR is considered one of the largest technology trends and it has been getting bigger with each passing day because augmented reality-ready smartphones, as well as other devices, have become more accessible worldwide. AR allows people to view the real-life surrounding, like dogs chasing balls, trees swaying, kids playing football, etc. With progressions made in AR technology, these instances aren’t different from what might be already present for people’s smartphones. 

The uses of Augmented Reality

AR is readily obtainable and used in various ways, like Snapchat lenses and in applications that help people discover their car in an over-crowded parking lot. AR is also used in various shopping applications that help people try on various clothes without leaving their homes. Some popular uses of AR are:

  • Medical training – AR is used for underdoing complex surgeries and operating MRI equipment and AR tech also can boost the effectiveness and depth of medical training required in many areas. 
  • Retail – Today, shoppers use their smartphones for making comparisons of prices and get extra information on items they have been browsing. Harley Davidson, one of the renowned motorcycle brands is one great example of a brand that utilizes this trend heavily. It develops an AR application that shoppers can utilize in-store. Countless users can see a motorcycle in which their interest lies and they can also customize it utilizing the application to see the features and colors they like.
  • Maintenance and Repair – One of the largest industrial usage cases of augmented reality is for the maintenance and repair of complex equipment. No matter it is an MRI machine or a car motor, maintenance and repair staff begin to utilize augmented reality for using AR glasses and headsets when they perform their tasks for providing vital info on the spot, recommend probable fixes, and locate the potential trouble parts. 
  • Modeling and Design – From construction and architecture to interior design, augmented reality has been helping hundreds and thousands of professionals in visualizing their ultimate products at the time of the creative process. The use of headsets allows engineers, design professionals, and architects to step into their spaces and buildings directly to observe how their designs would look like. Urban planners do model how the whole city layouts would look utilizing augmented reality headset visualization.
  • Business Logistics – Augmented Reality presents various chances for augmenting cost savings and efficiency across several parts of business logistics and it comprises warehousing, transportation, and route-optimization. 
  • Tourism Industry –Technology has been advancing the tourism industry and augmented reality presents a big opportunity for travel agents and brands for providing potential tourists a highly immersive experience beforehand. AR is also involved in selling travel, vacations, and trips much easier in the forthcoming days.
  • AR for training – In the coming time, Augmented Reality in training and machine learning will take both approaches of education to the subsequent level by allowing workers to possess the most accurate and latest information that is obtainable in context, where and when they require it the most.

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