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Everything You Need To Know About Black Girls On The Go

Black Girls On The Go has taken traveling to the next level with their innovative concept. What you might think of as simply another travel agency is actually much more. BGOTG has taken it upon itself to give support to each woman who is a part of their journey and to assist one another in the event of any mental health issues.

What Is BGOTG?

BGOTG, founded in 2014 by Shay Sane, is a platform that serves as a safe environment for other black women to break the silence and discuss their mental health experiences.Their mission is to “empower black women to prioritize their mental health through travel.”Traveling offers enormous advantages for a person suffering from mental health difficulties and gives energy through enhancing creativity, providing tranquility, strengthening mental capacity, and even reintroducing feelings that the individual believes were gone.

BGOTG is based in Tampa, Florida, and is affiliated with the Black Travel Summit, the National Alliance of Mental Illness, Pinellas County Florida (In Progress), the Invisible Disabilities Association, the Transformational Travel Council, the Black Self Care Talk, and various mental health professionals and organizations.

BGOTG is not a typical travel agency but rather a retreat that focuses only on the calm that is reintroduced via travel and the people you are surrounded by. When similar individuals surround you, you all emit a healing energy, which is crucial throughout the trip.

About Shay Sane

Shay Sane, the creator of BGOTG, came up with the idea for the group after being a mental health fighter. Unlike others, she found peace with it after 39 years, nearly half of her life, and she never wanted any other woman to suffer through it alone. Shay found her remedy through travel since it felt so nice that she forgot about her troubles while she traveled. This was when she decided to create a place for black women to get together and forget about their troubles.Shay says, “My success is defined by living in mental wellness and not money. Helping others to experience what I have found after close to 39 years is success for me.”Shay believes that travel is the ideal complement to a mental health journey and that it may aid during a mental health crisis.

Shay has also written a book called “I am my sisters keeper,” which is available on Amazon and is an excellent read for ladies who enjoy caring for other women and going out of their way to raise them. When all the ladies band together and embark on a common goal, they emit an unstoppable energy that is desperately required during times of mental illness.Another of Shay’s books, “Your Strong Friends Mental Health Crisis,” is set to be released in February 2023; in which she discusses how not everyone suffering from mental health issues appears depressed and sad; instead, they may be fighting the most important battle of their lives while maintaining a strong demeanor. All of these books are based on Shay’s experiences, and she has stressed the need to maintain one’s mental health.

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