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With a large country like Australia, what to eat, where, where to visit while traveling are issues that tourists are very interested in. In order to help you make a perfect plan for your upcoming Australian trip, we would like to share some experiences in kangaroo country through the article below.


Australia is one of the most developed economies in the world. However, not because of the speed of urbanization and modernization that Australia blurs the values ​​of nature. Evidence shows that “dust” tourism is an experienced trend that is loved by many tourists. In addition, impressive architectural works in the city of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or the stretches of green beaches, pristine islands also attract a lot of tourists.

When should you travel to Australia?

The climate in Australia is divided into four distinct seasons. Accordingly, spring will start from September to November, summer from December to February, autumn from March to May, and winter from June to August. The most suitable time for you to travel The calendar will be from September to November, ie spring because the weather is very pleasant now.

Spring in Australia has fresh, cool air, so you can both visit famous landmarks while watching the colorful natural scenery with millions of flowers in full bloom. Summer is Australia’s most exciting season as there are many famous beaches where you can enjoy swimming and fun activities, enjoy fresh seafood, and watch marching tournaments. The world’s great bridge and tennis take place here.

Autumn is the most romantic season of the year, Australia is wearing a new orange and red shirt of coniferous forests creating a very unique look. Winter is the time when Australia has snow, so you can participate in activities such as windsurfing, skiing, mountain climbing, and welcome the Christmas atmosphere all the way.


Means of transport inland:

Australia has a very good transport infrastructure so you can choose the most suitable means of transport to move.

If you go from one location to another (close distance) you can choose the subway, taxi or bus.

If you travel from one city to another city or province to another, you should travel by plane because the distance between cities is quite far. The famous airlines in Australia such as Qantas, Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways Australia, and Jetstar.


Australia is so large that before you choose the right accommodation, you need to determine where you are traveling. If you come to big cities, you can stop at motels, hotels, if you want to experience the countryside, homestay is an appropriate choice, but if you plan to explore the remote mountains or go down. At the sea, you should bring tents, tarpaulins and other requisites to sleep through the night. It would be very interesting.

Here are some suggestions for affordable, quality, and comfortable hotels and motels in Sydney’s major cities:

1. Metro Aspire Hotel Sydney

Address: 383 – 389 Bulwara Road, Ultimo, 2007 Sydney

2. The Great Southern Hotel

Address: 717 George Street, Central Business District, 2000 Sydney

3. Meriton Serviced Apartments Waterloo

Address: 30 Danks Street, Waterloo, 2017 Sydney

4. Mercure Sydney

Address: 818-820 George Street, Central Business District, 2000 Sydney

5. District South Yarra

Address: 10 Claremont St, South Yarra, 3141 Melbourne

6. Oaks on William

Address: 350 William Street, 3000 Melbourne

7. Mantra St Kilda Road

Address: 568 St Kilda Road, 3004 Melbourne

8. Imagine Marco

Address: 42-48 Balston Street, Southbank, 3006 Melbourne, Australia

9. South Pacific Plaza

Address: 157 Old Burleigh Road, Broadbeach, 4218 Gold Coast

10. Synergy Broadbeach

Address: 2729 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach, 4218 Gold Coast

11. Mantra Towers of Chevron

Address: 23 Ferny Avenue, Surfers’ Paradise, 4217 Gold Coast

12. Greenmount Hotel

Address: 3 Hill Street, Coolangatta, Coolangatta, 4225 Gold Coast

Famous tourist destinations in Australia

Australia is divided into 7 main regions, so when traveling abroad to Australia you should determine in advance which province or city will come to choose the appropriate tourist destination. Here are some popular tourist spots divided by region:

Tourist destination in Southeast Australia

Sydney: If you choose a cheap tour at a Travel Agency you will be taken to the most beautiful, romantic and most magnificent city in Australia. The impressive architectural works you can visit such as Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Olympic Park, The Rock Old Town, or Darling Harbor.

Blue Mountains: This majestic mountain range is located west of the city of Sydney. With majestic scenery, rich ecosystems, and a cool fresh climate, Blue Mountains has become an extremely attractive destination in Australia. Visitors often come to this site in winter because at this time the snow will fall white, very suitable for skiing.

Canberra: A lot of people mistakenly think Sydney is the capital of Australia, but actually Canberra is the capital of the country of kangaroos. It has impressive landmarks as well as architectural works that are not inferior to anywhere. Your trip abroad will be more complete if you visit the Australian War Memorial, the Canberra Museum and Gallery, the National Gallery of Australia, the Australian National Botanic Gardens, or the courthouse. Parliament House of Australia in Canberra.

Lord Howe Island: Is an island in the east of Australia. With many pristine beaches, fine white and rich flora and fauna, especially the majestic landscape, this place attracts a lot of tourists to visit each year.

Snowy Mountains: In 2016, Australia was voted by tourists as the most ideal destination for backpacking tourism because it has a large area and diverse landscapes and landscapes. In addition to rivers, the sea, there are also beautiful mountains. And the Snowy Mountains is one of them. Located in eastern New South Wales, Snowy Mountains attract a large number of tourists during winter. In addition to coming here for sightseeing and relaxation, they also experience the feeling of skiing in the middle of the mountainside. The result is better than the domestic tour, right.

Tourist destination in northeastern Australia

Gold Coast: A famous coastal city in Australia. With more than 30 beautiful beaches and restaurant services, 5-star hotel amenities, quality promises to bring a great vacation for visitors.

Brisbane: Unlike the bustle in Sydney or Melbourne, Brisbane welcomes visitors with peace and friendliness. Located on the East Coast of Australia, Brisbane tends towards resort tourism rather than discovery tourism. Here you can go to some famous places such as the Brisbane City Hall building, the Museum of Brisbane, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Queensland Cultural Center, Alma Park Zoo, or King George Square.

Great Barrier Reef: If you want to explore the ocean when traveling to Australia, you should book cheap flights to the Great Barrier Reef. Known as the largest coral population in the world located off the coast of Queensland

Island, few people imagine this place is so beautiful and sparkling. Thousands of brilliant coral species hidden under the clear water, making anyone who witnesses can think of the magnificent kingdom under the aquarium.

Sunshine Coast: This place is famous for beautiful beaches like Beerwah, Coolum, Caloundra, Noosa, Montville, or Mapleton.

Australia’s southeastern tourist destination

Melbourne: Traveling to Australia, visitors should not miss the famous city of Melbourne because it converges the unique culture of the country of kangaroos. You can admire the architectural works such as Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne Museum, Chapel Stree fashion street, or Gertrude Street nightlife.

Southern Australian tourist destination

Barossa Valley Wine Valley: If you want to taste delicious Australian drinks, head to Barossa Valley. The wineries here are open to wine, if you have a need, it is ready to provide food and beer.

Adelaide: Another great destination in the south of Australia in Adelaide. This peaceful city promises to bring visitors to many interesting surprises. When you come here, do not forget to visit the old town of Glenelg, Montefiore Hill, Adelaide Zoo – home to giant pandas and Belair National Park.

Flinders Ranges Range: With complex terrain, arid land but beautiful scenery, the Flinders Ranges has been voted as the ideal destination for travelers who love this type of travel “dust”. However, when choosing the Flinders Ranges as the end of the journey, visitors must prepare tents, tarpaulins, and the necessary equipment to set up an overnight camp because the motel and hotel are very far from the hills.

Kangaroo Island: If you love cute kangaroos, go to Kangaroo Island, because this is the ideal place to see and observe the daily activities of hundreds of Kangaroo.

Northern Australian tourist destination

Alice Springs: This vast desert promises to bring an enjoyable experience to visitors. Coming here, you not only enjoy burying in the sand or playing adventure games in the “desert” but also have the opportunity to see thousands of stars sparkling at night.

Uluru National Park – Kata Tjuta National Park: This place was once recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site with two famous tourist spots, Uluru rock, and Kata Tjuta rock cluster.

Darwin: A city located in the South of Australia famous for its cultural diversity. Here, you can visit the historic Darwin Wharf Precinct, the Burnett House at Myilly Point, and the Adelaide River War Cemetery.

Western Australian tourist destination

Perth: If the North, the South, and the East of Australia have overwhelmed and fascinated visitors with hundreds of attractive attractions, Western Australia will make you enjoy the smooth white beaches. . The first destination you can visit when traveling to Western Australia in Perth. This peaceful city is located on the west coast of India, Australia.

With wonderful scenery, serene, smooth beaches, and the bustle of urban areas will give visitors an enjoyable experience. If you love a really quiet space, you can board the train to the islands off the city. Visitors can be completely assured by the very good restaurant and hotel services here that not only satisfy maximum but also make you really satisfied.

Margaret River: This coastal town is famous for its large wineries, delicious food, and smooth white beaches.

Broome: Have you ever seen a group of camels walking along the beach at sunset? This question surprised you, right? Do not panic like that because this is a picture of every afternoon in the tourist city of Broome. What could be better than sprawling out on the beach while watching each camel slowly move, right?

Albany: This port city in southwestern Australia has a hot and humid Mediterranean climate that is perfect for cruises in the summer.

Hobart: Known as the oldest city in Australia. Without hundreds of skyscrapers, busy shopping malls, or bustling entertainment venues, Hobart colored time in its own unique way. Here, you can visit a few places such as the Tasmanina Museum, the Botanical Gardens, the Salamanca Market, the Battery Point area, or the Botanical Gardens. Cradle Mountain is also the place you should go because it has a wild, charming, and quite romantic beauty.

Delicious food must try when traveling to Australia

Not only welcoming visitors with thousands of majestic and pristine landscapes, but this country also has a very diverse and rich cuisine. Some delicious dishes can be mentioned as:

Green curry cake: This dish is a unique combination of Indian and Western cuisine. With simple preparation, but the taste of the curry blends wonderfully into the fragrant cake, making diners just want to eat forever.

Beet hamburger: Similar to the hamburger in other countries, but in Australia will add a slice of beetroot to make the attractive taste even more attractive.

Fantales: A complex aromatic candy made of flexible caramel wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate that many visitors have ever enjoyed “fidgety”. Tourists are still hesitant to eat and then buy them as gifts.

Barramundi: A large fish that lives in the brackish waters of southern Australia. Barramundi fish is processed into many different dishes, the most delicious is fried. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the specialties of the country of kangaroos.

Cheese & bacon roll: The dish is quite fatty but very delicious. They are often served as breakfast or afternoons. A cold toast with a layer of cheese sprinkled on the surface to enjoy when you first conquer a mountain top in Australia is nothing like.

Grilled Kangaroo: This dish is processed like a steak and has very little fat so you do not need to worry about enjoying it.

Seafood Pizza: Originating from Italy but with a plentiful amount of seafood in Australian waters, it is easy to make a great pizza. If you want to enjoy the correct taste, visitors can go into the bustling food courts in Sydney.

Sandwich vegemite: If you have traveled to Australia but have not tasted a vegemite sandwich, the trip is not complete. Because this is a representative dish for Australian cuisine. Just a sandwich topped with butter with vegetables and spices can produce a great dish.

Meat Pie: This cake is so popular that you can find it all over Australia. You can use it instead of morning, noon, or in the afternoon to avoid sudden hunger.

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