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Explore the world of business with Tushar Kansal

The word “business” refers to an organization or entrepreneurial entity engaging in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. Organizing and carrying out some form of economic production is the primary goal of a business. Businesses can operate either for the purpose of making a profit or as non-profit organizations with the goal of advancing a social cause or charitable mission. There is a wide spectrum of size and scope when it comes to businesses, from single proprietorships to enormous multinational enterprises. Business can also refer to the efforts and activities that are carried out by individuals with the intention of producing and selling goods and services in order to earn a profit. The primary thought that underpins a firm is referred to as its “business concept.” This idea serves as the foundation for the development of the business model, strategy, vision, and purpose. Let’s explore more about business and how TusharKansal, a successful entrepreneur, is conducting his business.


The business concept

In common use, the word “business” refers to an organization that is run for financial, commercial, or industrial gain or for professional purposes. The idea and a name are the first steps in developing the concept; further steps may include doing extensive market research to establish whether or not it is possible to transform the idea into a profitable company. Before beginning operations, businesses often need to have business strategies in place. A formal document known as a business plan is created with the purpose of outlining the company’s aims and objectives, as well as listing the strategies and plans that will be used to accomplish these goals and objectives. When seeking financing in order to launch a new venture, having a solid business plan is really necessary.


Doing business the Kansaltancy way

In the long run, it is the business aim that determines whether or not the company continues to function and carry out its operations. It is the fundamental cause for the existence of the company. While the vast majority of people feel that generating profits should be the primary focus of any enterprise, there are several exceptions to this rule. TusharKansal, an accomplished entrepreneur, thought leaderand thought influencer suggests that the new overarching goal has only been adopted by a few businesses. According to him, conventional wisdom maintains that the only purpose of a company is to generate income in the form of profits via the sale of products and services to consumers. He further suggests that the delight of one’s customers should be the primary focus of every modern-day enterprise since research has shown that this approach generates the greatest amount of revenue for the company. When consumers have a positive experience, businesses thrive. Tushar’s own firm, Kansaltancy Ventures, follows this methodology which is the main reason behind the success of the firm.

Kansaltancy Ventures is a global investment management company that specializes in making companies funding-ready and raising funds for them by leveraging its ecosystem. Kansaltancy Ventures has a network of over 1000 global investors, including marquee Angel Investors and Venture Capital Firms, and this ecosystem allows the company to raise funds for the companies it works with.

TusharKansal, founder and chief executive officer of Kansaltancy Ventures, is an Indian business professional and spiritual life coach. He was born on September 12th, 1976. He is credited as being a successful finance professional, a “Thought Leader” and “Thought Influencer” in the global startup ecosystem, and he is regarded as the world’s foremost expert on finance, venture capital, business dynamics, and spirituality.

He established Kansaltancy Ventures to help would-be entrepreneurs in learning the fundamentals of launching a firm, approaching investors, and becoming funding-ready. Through equity fundraising, debt, mergers, acquisitions, and mentoring, he made the most of his profession. The business works with more than 1000 international investors and has given advice to more than 5000 startups and growth-stage businesses.

Diversity and inclusiveness are the driving values of Kansaltancy Ventures, a global business that emerged from the startup movement. It is also assisting some outstanding businesses in the impact sector, supporting UN SDGs including environmental protection, women’s involvement, and corporate governance compliance.

Through Venture capital, angel investing, and strategic services, Kansaltancy Ventures supports those who want to make a difference in advancing their aspirations. With the use of its network, domain expertise, and investments from international VC/ Investor partnerships, it is promoting development in both the tech and non-tech sectors of the world. The main network of the company includes the US, UK, Singapore, the UAE, and India.

The company received the “Best Startup Supporter” award at the “IndiaFirst Tech Startup Conclave 2022,” Le Meridien New Delhi, from Dr. Kiran Bedi, the country’s first female IPS officer and the governor of Puducherry.

Furthermore, he established the angel network Saffron First. He has created an environment that offers businesses very quick scaling via venture capital and finance networks.

In addition to launching a $100 million venture capital fund in Singapore, Kansaltancy Ventures is launching venture builders and accelerators in India, Dubai, and the APAC region.

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