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Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Gaming Smartphone

There are many smartphones today that you can choose from. It is always a challenging decision to make, considering the many brands available in the market today and the competitive features that different phones come with. Gaming smartphones may have a better processor and faster storage, attributes tailored to areas that matter more to gamers. If you are thinking of buying a good gaming smartphone, there are certain factors you should consider.

Battery capacity and charging speed

Playing games on smartphones draws a lot of power. A good gaming smartphone should have a bigger battery capacity compared to the others so that it will not go off in the middle of a game. High resolution, high graphic setting, and high refresh rate on games contribute to quick battery drain.

A good battery capacity also extends the battery life. The average battery capacity for a gaming smartphone should be at least 4500mAh.

Charging speed ensures that your phone will charge fast even if it goes off, and you can continue playing before your progress is lost. However, the battery capacity comes first. Please do not buy a phone with a fast-charging system yet it has a small battery capacity.

Some games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile can be played for over 30 minutes in a single match. Therefore you will need a phone with a bigger battery capacity.


Using your phone for long hours will cause your battery and phone to overheat. A good cooling system will ensure that the heat is cooled off before affecting the processor’s performance. Gaming phones will possess a better cooling mechanism. A better cooling mechanism ensures your game performance is not affected.

Different phones from different brands have varying performance. Ensure that you do good research and check out the reviews that talk in detail about the phone’s cooling performance and gaming.

Phones internals

The phone’s internals is another crucial aspect when buying a game phone. Phone internals includes the processor, RAM, fast internal storage, and other components. The type of processor will determine the phone’s speed. For best performance and compatibility, a fast phone should at least have a snapdragon 700 series or the 800 series. You could consider the Dimensity 1000 or Dimensity 1200 chips from the MediaTek Dimensity series on the high end.

RAM also contributes to your phone’s speed since most games are played online. You need at least an 8GB RAM phone such as the vivo Y76 5G to play games online. A fast internal storage loads games and apps faster. Recommended storage includes the UFS 3.1, UFS 3.0, and UFS 2.2, but also the UFS 2.1 can work but slower than the others mentioned. The phone should also have enough storage because these game applications are big.

Refresh rate, screen resolution, and touch sampling rate

A high resolution will make you see the game better with a better display of images and game details. Modern gaming phones will come with 90Hz or 120Hz support screens. Refresh rate is crucial in games, especially where every frame counts.

You will see more frames per second on the phone with a higher refresh rate. The touch sampling rate dictates how faster the games will respond to your touches on the screen. A good touch sampling screen should at least be 180Hz.

Support for third-party accessories and 3.5mm audio

As you advance in your games and look for enhancements, you will need some third-party accessories. However, some accessories will not be compatible with some phones; therefore, you should check for this support. Most gaming phones will have the support but may differ in incompatibility.

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