Fairuz Abontika’s Classmates Protesting in Jagannath University for Justice

Fairuz Abontika Jagannath University

Jagannat University student Fairuz Abontika has committed suicide. The incident took place on Friday, March 15 at around 10:10 PM. Fairuz Abontika’s Classmates and Jagannath University students are protesting in the university for Justice.

The agitating students surrounded the proctorial body along with the proctor Deen Islam. Students are saying that, “Even before her death, the girl complained to the proctor. But she did not get any result. This full proctor body should be brought to justice. They should all resign,”.

As per the report, the student Fairuz Abontika has posted a incident on her Facebook Profile. Fairuz said that, if I ever commit suicide, my classmate Amman Siddiqui will be responsible for my death along with Jagannath’s assistant Proctor Deen Islam who supports him because of his good relationship.

A student wrote “Fairuz Abontika Apu is No More. Really Unbelievable!! A Strong Person like you Can’t do so. She is an Ex Officer Cadet (F) of Bangladesh Air Force Academy. Civil peoples don’t have any idea about the strength of a Soldier. I want justice for forcing Abontika apu to commit suicide.

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