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Finally, in October, Bangladesh is getting 1 million vaccines from India

Finally, in October, Bangladesh is getting 1 million vaccines from India

The Seram Institute of India has received permission to send one million doses of corona virus vaccine to Bangladesh. Citing

A senior official at the country’s Union Health Ministry said the Seram Institute would export 1 million doses of Kovishield vaccine to Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh in October under the ‘Vaccine Friendship’ program.

Earlier, on September 20, the Times of India reported that India wanted to resume its surplus vaccine exports from October.

Regarding vaccine exports at the time, Mandavi said India would start exporting vaccines under the ‘Vaccine Friendship’ project and in fulfillment of CoVAX’s global commitment.

He further said that it is consistent

with the principle of our ‘Basudaiva Kutumbakam’ (Sanskrit word means one family of the world). He said the exports would be in line with India’s commitment to the world to work together to fight the Corona epidemic.

India is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world. According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs website, India has so far exported 7.8 crore doses of vaccine to more than 90 countries.

The Indian government also plans to vaccinate more than 940 million people by December this year. So far, 61 percent of the country’s people have been vaccinated with at least one dose.

Bangladesh reached a tripartite agreement

in November last year to buy 30 million doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine ‘Kovishield’ from the Serum Institute of India. Then in January, the government gave an advance of more than Rs 600 crore, which is half of the total price of the ticker.

According to the agreement, 5 million doses of vaccine were to be given every month. The first consignment received 50 lakh doses on January 25 and the second consignment received 20 lakh doses on February 23.

Besides, Bangladesh received another 20 lakh doses on January 21 and 12 lakh doses of Covishield on March 26 as a gift from the Government of India. When the coronavirus epidemic reached its peak in March, the Indian government banned the export of vaccines.

As a result, Bangladesh is in crisis

. . In the end, the government agreed to buy the synopharma vaccine from China.

In addition to those vaccines, vaccines are also coming from the international platform Covax. With that vaccine, the vaccination program is going on all over the country again.

In July, Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Vikram Doraiswamy said the situation in India was improving. Vaccine production is also growing rapidly. We hope to be able to supply Indian vaccine to Bangladesh as per the agreement soon.

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