Five Reasons to Hire a Corporate Events Live Band in Singapore

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When we think of corporate events, what do we believe? The lights, shimmering dazzle of corporate display that shines through the glimmering ballroom, which every employee looks forward to the end of the year celebratory event.

Yes, the end of the year is finally approaching, and companies are gearing up for their annual corporate event. In Singapore, corporate event entertainments are one of the most talked-about in the corporate event world. They involve many different entertainment acts for the many kinds of events a corporate company can have.

Some of the many acts include, but not limited to, Magicians to perform eye tricking moments tricking the eyes of many, DJs to spin the turntable of different top 40s music, and also circus acts like clowns and many more! There are many choices to make, and many are confused with the number of options to choose!

In Singapore, some of the most common ones that we can get are one that involves a live band for a Corporate Events Singapore company!

Below, we will be discussing some of the advantages of having a corporate event live band to dazzle your night away in your annual corporate event.

These include some of the most common corporate events like Corporate Dinner and Dance, Corporate Celebrations, Corporate Anniversary and many many more!

And so, here are the reasons why we would get a Corporate Event Live Band:

1) Cost Efficient:

If we look at the other entertainers, and we calculate them by per headcount, they are going by the thousands of dollars. What if we told you, the average price per headcount in a corporate event Singapore live band is only in the three-digit range?

Yes, you got it right! It is only in the three-digit range! It is that cost-efficient, and if we bluntly put it, it is CHEAP!

You can get a three-piece band or a four-piece band at under $2000, which we bet you can never find this sort of pricing for any kind of entertainment that you can find elsewhere!

Is this cost-efficient enough for you?

2) Music brings Joy and Laughter

There’s a reason why every time you step into a restaurant or any food and beverage outlet, you will always find background music playing in the background. Now, imagine going into an eatery, and there’s no music at all. Would that sound very weird? Yes?

You got it right! That’s the reason why music is so essential in everywhere we go!

Music calms the soul and excites our nerves. They will bring joy and laughter to everyone when it comes in. It is the reason why we bring in a corporate even live band to bring live music to the audience!

3) Song Dedication Slips

At every point in our lives, we will have some form of music that keeps us in memory of that timeframe that we were. For that, we have nostalgia whenever we hear a familiar piece of music, and we remember the time that was associated with it!

Some people remember certain music at specific life events, like for example, a song that a man sang to his fiancee when he went down on one knee to propose to her. Or a song that a new start-up company used to sing with their employees during their early days.

By getting a corporate event live band at your company’s corporate event, your guests will have the chance to dedicate songs through the song dedication slips. The titles given out will also have a messages section where the audience can write their well-wishes to their colleagues, and the musicians will read them out!

Overall, this is one way that a live band enriches the entire night, bringing up the atmosphere to a whole new level by singing songs that the guests dedicated!

4) Never Go Wrong

You can get a magician who’s not performing eye-catching magic tricks. You can get a stand-up comedian whose jokes are not funny at all. You can get a stilt walker whom no one is even interested in looking at his performance at all.

For a corporate event live band, things will be hard to go wrong. Why?

Even if no one is paying attention to the band, the band is still there performing in the background, providing their background music and quietly entertaining the crowd while they do their things.

Besides, if you have gotten professional and trustworthy corporate events live band Singapore provider, it is almost impossible to get an unprofessional singer or musician. You can place your bets on this that everything will be well-taken care!

5) Fit into the theme

Do you have a theme for your corporate event? Some people may want to go with a piece of Hawaiian music, some may want to go with a beachwear theme, and some may want to go with a retro mambo jumbo theme.

Regardless of your theme, there is always something that a corporate events Singapore live band can provide and fit!

The Corporate Events Live Band Singapore Musical Touch can provide musicians who will fit nicely into your theme of music, and select the songs that work nicely for you.

The 70s music? 80s? The 90s? or even some dialects, a professional live band company will be able to fit into your requests for your event!


Corporate event planning can be a total headache, especially when you are new to the company, and you are inexperienced.

It can also be a judgement for your key performance index in your company! Corporate events are a time where the big bosses will be around at the event. If the event was successful, you could be sure that the next promotion will be for you!

After all, a corporate event needs to be a fun and joyous occasion where all your colleagues can gather around to have a breather from work, and enjoy the night!

We hope that this article does help you to understand how a corporate event live band Singapore company works, and the benefits of hiring a live band for corporate events!

Take care and stay safe during this period!

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