Flooding After Weeks Of Heavy Rain in China The Worst in Over 400 Years



Will we help?

Will we be allowed to help?

I am watching footage from the worst flooding in China in over 400 years. Combined with drought further north in China.

At least half the crop destroyed. Perhaps as much as 80-90%.

China – 1.5 billion people needing to be fed.

The commentator expects China – the Chinese Communist Party – to begin buying food massively. The consequence: world prices for basics like rice will at least double.

And the words in me: will we help?

Not the CCP, but the Chinese people. I believe the world, especially the West, has the resources.

Will we be allowed to help?

The Chinese Communist Party is not known to being open about starvation within its borders. Under Mao, it created and oversaw mass starvation during the so-called Great Leap Forward. Perhaps 50 million people were starved to death, according to my readings.


And yet we, as part of this world, have the capacity to avert mass human suffering, starvation – including mass starvation elsewhere from sky-rocketing prices.

I know I have much more to learn about what is happening.

Do you believe in our capacity to deal humanely with this catastrophe?

Do you believe the CCP will allow help?

Do you believe we will avert a worldwide food catastrophe?

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