Fluorescent tubes Vs. T8 LED tube lights; A Direct Comparison.



With the advanced and updated development in technology where the world is moving faster towards the new and fascinating things, it is, somehow leaving behind the old, conventional things. The same is the case with fluorescent tubes, which are left somewhat behind as the T8 LED tubes have taken their place. 

T8 LED tubes are replacing the old conventional fluorescent tubes and are popular and greatly admired for their performance and quality. But are these T8 LED tube lights really better than these fluorescent lights, or there is no specific difference to tell? This article is going to answer the question. 

Fluorescent tubes VS. T8 LED tube lights, what is the difference? 

If you buy a good quality T8 LED tube, and then there are much more increased chances that you will get better results than any fluorescent tube that you have ever used in your house. 

The main differences in the T8 LED tube lights, and fluorescent tubes lie in the following areas. 

Electricity consumption

T8 LED Tube Lights consume less electricity than fluorescent tubes and save almost 50% on your electricity bill. Whereas, there is no such case with fluorescent tubes.


T8 LED tube lights are more durable and be with you for a longer period till their life ends. On the other hand, fluorescent tubes have shorter lives and live for very little time to provide you the benefits to enjoy. 

Light emission 

T8 LED Tube Lights emit much stronger light for the reason that their light emission is directional, making it more efficient and an effective source of light. On the other hand, fluorescent tubes emit light in all directions, say 360 degrees, so it’s not just as efficient and targeted as the light emitted from a T8 LED tube is. 


The most important difference among the two that none can ignore is that fluorescent tubes consume heat energy to produce light, whereas T8 LED tubes use electrical energy to produce light. So the light emitted from a T8 LED tube light is more efficient and worth having. 

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Should you replace a fluorescent tube with a T8 LED Tube Light? 

Now you know what difference the installation of a T8 LED tube Light can make in your lives, so you should consider buying it. But if you want to double-check your decision of whether or not you should replace your old, conventional fluorescent tube with a new T8 LED tube light, then we must say that YOU SHOULD! 

You know all the best things that differentiate the advanced T8 LED tube lights from these fluorescent lights. So, if you want to pay a 50% electricity bill and enjoy 100% lighting benefits, then this T8 LED tube light is the best choice for you. 

Where can you get the best T8 LED tube lights? 

If you have already decided to buy the T8 LED Tube Light, then it’s great; you don’t have to worry much about the place where you can find them. You can get them from anywhere around the market. But if you are looking for an online purchase, you can click on the link below to get the best T8 LED tube lights. 


By clicking the link above, you can also get to know about different types of T8 LED tubes that you can use for various purposes. So, better to search online and make up your mind than going out and making yourself tired of searching for a good-quality product.

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