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Football Handicap Betting and its Types

Football Handicap Betting and its Types

Handicap betting is also known as “line betting” or “point betting’. In football, handicap betting is used on each team, even out of the playing field. The punters are the ones who give a virtual disadvantage to a more challenging team and a virtual advantage to a weaker team.  Undoubtedly, the weaker team attains an edge over a stronger one. If bookmakers don’t consider this strategy, the more influential group would easily win the match against a weaker team. In such situations, things will be very predictable and one-sided

After the name of the team, the brackets have a point applied as a handicap. Suppose there is a match between Manchester United and Leicester City. Now bookmakers have to declare a 1.5 handicap; then it would be shown as: 

Leicester City (1.5) Vs. Manchester United (-1.5)

How does it start?

As we supposed a match between Leicester City and Manchester United and gave an advantage to Leicester. After the handicap points for 1.5, Leicester City’s team will begin the game with the benefit of 1.5 goals compared to the opposite team. The advantage could not be a drag to any more goals. If you bet on the firmer side, such as in this case on Manchester, to win then, it would need at least two goals. Once it dominates the other team, you will win the money that you bet. On the other hand, if you bet on Leicester City, the team has to draw, win the match, or concede by one goal. Then, you can win the bet. 

Handicap Betting Types

There are some kinds of handicap betting. If you want to know this strategy well, then explore its types also. 

3-Way Handicap Betting: 

If you choose the right virtual deficit, you can win the wager even if the teams draw the match. In this case, give your all in mind while betting. Check out more details here..

Asian Handicap Betting:

Asian handicap betting is the most famous way of betting nowadays. Also, the popularity of it is increasing day by day among the people. The reason is the flexibility it gives to punters while dividing one bet into two markets. In the first case, it allows bookmakers to win their stalk twice. The second situation removes the draw from betting and offers both parties the opportunity to apply a handicap as required to get more than 50% chances for winning. 

No-Draw Handicap: 

There will be no draw in this handicap strategy, but an equal increment of 0.5 would be added or taken away. So, the party with the handicap will win the game. Thereby according to the provided handicap, the bookmaker will win the wager with a clear vision. 


Handicap betting is one of the most famous bets in the world of football. In this type of betting, the punters will decide which team wants an advantage or disadvantage. However, there are three types of this strategy. If anyone is interested in handicap betting, it would be good to explore and comprehend its types, pros, and cons.

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