For Shakira, there is a rift about PK-Guardiola

Gerard Pique always cut his lips. Sergio Ramos remembers Pique’s relationship with him at Real Madrid. There was no end to the fights and stabbings between the two.

Even after Ramos left, Pick’s mouth didn’t close. The Barcelona defender opened his mouth despite being invited to the Spanish radio show ‘La Sotana’. PK talks about the time he spent with Lionel Messi, what kind of relationship Shakira had with Pep Guardiola after he came into her life.

PK got married to Colombian singer Shakira in early 2011. Guardiola was then the coach of Barcelona. The Spanish coach did not have a good time before he left Barাa the following year.

However, Guardiola has had a good time as Barcelona coach. Between 2008 and 2012, the club won La Liga three times and the Champions League twice. However, Guardiola’s hostile relationship with Real coach Jose Mourinho at the time was tiring for the players, Pique said.

The Bar star said: “Speaking of the dressing room, his duel with Mourinho was tiring for the players. Pep wanted to control everything. After I fell in love with Shakira, my relationship with her (Guardiola) changed – now it’s okay. ‘

Pike also cited the example of how bad his relationship with Guardiola was at the time, ‘I was under a lot of pressure. In practice, it seemed that I had to do everything perfectly. If there is a moment when I wanted to leave Barsa, it was in that season (2011). ‘

Pique’s claim about Messi, his contract with Barca was almost over. The club was waiting to see what happened under La Liga’s pay structure policy rules, and Bar players knew the matter.

Messi eventually left Bara to join PSG. PK also spoke about former Bar president Jose Maria Bartomeu. His relationship with the players was not good at all when Bartomeu was president. Many blame Bartomeu for the club’s financial woes.

“I don’t know if he’s the worst president in Bar history,” said Pique. But judging by the situation I have gone through, he should be on the list. ‘

This time, Barcelona has paid the fee for keeping the players of the team in the team for several years.

The team has left Messi to reduce the extra salary bill. Apart from Messi, the Catalan club is trying to improve its financial situation by selling many players like Emerson and Moriba.

Griezmann’s release on the last day of the transfer is also an expression of that same desire. The World Cup-winning French forward has left Barcelona for a year and rejoined former club Atletico. Atletico will be able to keep Griezmann in the squad for another year, subject to certain conditions.

Meanwhile, Griezmann’s desperate desire to leave Barাa to join Atletico is evident in his work. He has agreed to a 40 per cent pay cut to join Atletico. Ruben Uria, a journalist with football website Goal.com, confirmed the news.

If Griezmann plays at least 50 per cent of Atletico’s second year in a two-year loan spell, Diego Simeone’s side will be able to buy Griezmann from Barcelona for 40 million euros. Griezmann seems to be able to meet the conditions effortlessly if he doesn’t get a big injury.

The 30-year-old forward has established himself as one of the best players in the world by playing for Atletico. After playing great for Atletico for five years, Barcelona came to the fore, who agreed to spend 120 million euros for him in 2019.

The less the next, the better. The glimpse that caught the eye of Bar , when he came to Bar, he was able to show a little bit of the glimpse. Messi was dim in the light, Messi has returned to Atletico without establishing himself as the main star of Bara. Griezmann’s failure has also caught the eye of Bar president Juan Laporta.

“Griezmann had high expectations of Bara,” admitted Laporta. “We wanted more from him. But he tried his best.

He played with his best for us. He cannot be criticized. I sent him a message for his personal and professional improvement. However, considering the football side, we don’t need players like him now. The cup was also important for the competition. If he plays 50 percent of the matches for Atletico, Atletico will be forced to buy him.

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