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Foreign troops have left Afghanistan

Foreign troops have left Afghanistan

Foreign troops have left Afghanistan. For 20 years, the United States and NATO have been trying to control the country and build their own government. They could not succeed in this task. Considered a “graveyard” of foreign powers, Afghanistan is now under the control of “Afghans”. The general thing about Afghanistan is that they have never accepted foreigners, they are independent. We have enslaved foreigners for two hundred years, but the Afghans have not. But the reality is that foreigners are still returning to Afghanistan. And there have been several occasions before the ‘grave’ of foreign powers. Or is there a way for a new energy to come back? Or is it really the control of the people in Afghanistan?

These animals also include different tribes and clans. Tajiks make up about 23 percent of the population. 10 percent Hazara and 9 percent Uzbek. There are many examples in the world of the formation of a state consisting of different ethnic groups. But the ethnic and geographical structure of the various ethnic groups in Afghanistan has always been an obstacle to the development of a modern nation-state. None of those who have been in power in Afghanistan at different times have been able to establish a single control over the entire country. Not under the previous Taliban regime, nor during the 2001 US-backed government.

Now the Taliban is back in power Pashtuns are the majority ethnic group in Afghanistan. However, not all of these 42 percent Pashtuns are pro-Taliban. The question is how much support for the Taliban in Afghanistan?

The Taliban has already made it clear that it will not hold elections or democracy. As a result, they do not have the opportunity to know what percentage of the Afghan people support them.

The manner in which the United States withdrew from Afghanistan was nothing but defeat and bowing down. But how much did this defeat of the United States win the Afghan people? What is the Afghan people going to get by ‘burying’ a foreign power like the United States in their country for the third time after the British and the Soviets? The departure of the United States brought the Taliban to power in Afghanistan, and it is difficult to find any connection between the rule of the people or their will.

The previous regime of the Taliban was 100% coercive. How far will they actually go from that regime? They have said that they will not give democracy. What is the way to establish people’s rule without democracy and people’s representation? This time the Taliban will not be the same as before a rumor that the Taliban have begun to spread even before the occupation of Kabul. In response to the announcement, the Taliban on the ground have searched for and even killed musicians in various parts of the country.

How far will the Taliban rule free Afghanistan from the control of foreign powers? Afghanistan’s geographical location is as much the country’s greatest asset as it is its cause of misfortune. The Taliban will not be able to change that position. It will be difficult for the Taliban to survive without one side of the geopolitics surrounding Afghanistan. How acceptable will the Taliban’s pro-Pakistan stance be to the ‘independent’ Afghan people? The psychological conflict between the Afghan people and Pakistan is historic. The Afghans could not accept the Durant Line, the border between the two countries shared by the British.

Again, considering the ideological aspect, the Taliban’s alliance with China is very surprising. Even Uyghurs have to announce in advance the internal affairs of China. Because the Taliban know that US and Western funding will no longer match. There is no way to survive without the help of China. China is the only country that has the power to pull Afghanistan out of the current financial crisis.

The United States has left Afghanistan, but will they accept China’s sovereignty over Afghanistan so easily? What is India’s role in investing enough in Afghanistan, given its capabilities? The foreign occupying forces may have left Afghan soil, but will the geopolitical players refrain from using the country as their playground?

Panshir province is now out of Taliban control. People from various anti-Taliban Afghan ethnic groups are trying to gather there. The warlords that the United States relied on in Afghanistan will certainly not accept defeat. Is there any guarantee that the United States will not use IS or any such force to educate the Taliban? Even then, many are skeptical of the United States. Unfortunately for Afghanistan, the days of grief in Afghanistan have not ended in the past with the burial of foreign powers, it does not seem to be happening again.

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