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Forming a Foreign Corporation in California

Forming a Foreign Corporation in California

If you own a small business that’s booming elsewhere in the UnitStates. You might be eager get an advantage to expand your business at a place where a small business expands real fast. The choice could be California. However, to form a Forming a Foreign corporation in California. You must be well aware of the filing rules lest the welcoming neighborhood imposes swift penalties for failing to comply with the rules of registering your California foreign corporation.

A foreign corporation in California thus requires filing for a corporation that’s registerin any other state or domestic state and is considerto do business in California. It is important to seek assistance and advice from an attorney or appoint a California resident agent to do the filing formalities.

What will you neto receive a California Forming a Foreign Corporation?

There are many documents that you have to submit with the state in order to qualify yourself as a foreign corporation in California.

Designation and Statement

As you are ready to register your corporation in California, you will have to draft a document that’s similar to the usual Articles of Incorporation that you usto domesticate your corporation in your home state. This document is callthe Designation and Statement by Foreign Corporation. The document is basically in the form format which asks you about information regarding your existing business and the new business to start a California corporation.

Forming a foreign form includes the following information:

The name of your corporation as legally mentionin the articles of incorporation in the domestic state.

The name of the jurisdiction under which your business was initially formi.e. your domestic state.

The principle executive address of your company office within the domestic state.

The office address in California (optional).

The physical home address of your California resident agent.

Signature of corporate officer.

Good Standing Certificate

It’s sometimes also callas the Certificate of Fact or Existence. The Certificate is a document that is issufrom the domestic state and shows. That your corporation is an active corporation in the domestic state and is in “good standing”.

The Filing fee

The registration fee for a foreign corporation in California is $100 where expeditfiling options are also available. You can find all filing fees listin the fee schedule on the Secretary of the State website.

Statement of Information

Not requirto be deliverwith the registration documents, your statement of information can be submittwithin a month of filing. However, many corporations choose to submit the statement with the registration paperwork. The filing process is repeaton an annual basis with the Secretary of the State. To keep the information update for your business activities in California.

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