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Four of the most sensational hip-hop albums/ singles of 2022

Apart from those working in the mainstream industry, several new music artists had their breakthroughs in 2022. One of the best years for the hip-hop world; many unique and independent artists released their albums and singles. Creating a new sensation in the music world among the new generation.

To better understand what happened this year, let’s talk about some of the most anticipated albums that have created hype among the people.

Life For Now by Jru Anthony

After releasing his “Life For Now” LP, the most highly anticipated album of the year, the 19-year-old has managed to captivate the listeners. In his debut album, Jru gives the story of one’s journey through the ups and down in life. The young gem is not only a singer but a producer, composer, and instrumentalist. He started producing music at a young age and influenced his father, who was also a singer. His father is known as GoGo legend Frank “Scooby” Sirius. The music he mixed severe genres with soulful, melodic, and rhythmic grooves.


The album Evolution 3 comes with no surprise by Bhramabull as it has managed to make significant success. There are many prominent artists that the singer decided to feature in his album, including Benny, Conway, Westside Soulja, and Rome Streetz. It features guest appearances from J-Haze, Chris Crack, Raz Fresco, and many other talents.

The project was recorded in Los Angeles at Ultrium Studios and Neighborhood Watche Studio. It was then mixed and mastered by engineer Steve Glaze at Tone Freq Studio in San Jose. Artwork by DinnerLand C/O / ShakeVideo.

Me Too by DJ Cheeseburger

Though it’s not an album, the song managed tomake waves in 2022. To make this latest single, “Me Too,” DJ Cheeseburger works with fellow Los Angeles-native Chef Boy. The high-energy club record will manage to bring life to boring parties, making the audience dance and jump to its rhythm.

“Dangerous Ridaz” by Blunt Da Blockmonsta(TRAVON PAYNE)

The album is yet to be released by the Los Angeles-born rapper, singer, producer, and composer. The singer Travon Paynebetter known as Blunt Da Blockmonsta, has released some of the best hip-hop tracks, such as Thiggin, Go Crazy, Crooked Life, House, Neva Slid, New Life, and Throw it up.

Blunt Da Blockmonsta’s songs have earned an excellent reputation and admiration among the audience. In less time, his songs have created waves in the music industry and become the talk of the town. Previously Blunt DaBlockmonsta released his first-ever solo album, ‘DaBlockmonsta,’ followed by a track called ‘No Help.’

With all the creative releases in 2022 alone, we can say that the future of hip hop is in safe hands as not only the new or independent artists are good rappers but experts in their respective work. Even with no support from mainstream media, they have managed to build up a modest amount of space for their creativity in the industry.

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