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Free Currency Convertor Widgets

Free Currency Convertor Widgets

You can get free Currency widgets to add to your website or blog from us. We have an extensive range of currency converters across various currencies and types and sizes of the tables. You can easily add all of these features to your website and build traffic to keep your visitors coming back.

This also allows you to enhance the stickiness of your website. Our free currency widgets are easy to use and work well as real-time converters. We allow users to choose from the available currencies including cryptocurrencies and precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Our currency converter widgets at, will improve your exchange rate calculations and website traffic. All of these features can be automatically directed to your webpage. All you have to do is enter the amount and select from the currencies to calculate the rates. You can also choose your preferred layouts and styles and customize their colors, fonts, borders, width, and values. 

Our widgets are available in various languages that align well with multilingual websites. These free widgets represent common exchange rates and data lists that can be accessed directly on the webpage. You can avail of our services without having to undergo any registration or subscription process.

A Reliable Currency Converter For Your Platform

You can integrate our most prominent currency converter services for free on your website. We also provide live rate updates and quick installation services to users. Our currency rate widgets are minimal and functional, and you can easily set them up as per your specifications. You can easily place these widgets on your home screen and set regular intervals to sync with the currency updates. With our stunning currency widgets, you can lure potential users and traffic to your website. We provide responsive services that fit across various devices. Some of the services are-

Expand The Global Reach

  • Target your global audience without any hassle
  • Easily calculate currency conversions
  • We are trusted by many users globally

Installation Is Nothing But A Breeze

  • Quick setup with a simple code generator
  • Copy-paste the code onto your page and launch It

Easy Customization

  • Choose your preferred language
  • Choose from the available sizes to match your design requirements

Embedded Currency Converter Widgets

Embedded currency converters on the website allow you to harness the power of free widgets. You can easily copy-paste these widgets onto your webpage so that the visitors of your platform can have access to a maximum number of currencies. Our currency exchange rates are trusted by major corporations, auditing firms, tax authorities, and organizations globally. You can leverage the currency trading contracts with our on-and-off exchange rates on a clear margin.

Our currency converter widgets offer you a dynamic switcher for highlighting the currency totals. With help from this, you can dynamically get the latest currency exchange rates and substitute the results in real-time. With our widget settings, you can convert as many currencies as you want to. On the plus side, the converted currency also gets saved on your website for your reference.

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