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Free Entry-Level Video Editing iMovie App

Free Entry-Level Video Editing iMovie App

iMovie is a free video editing Apple app for MacOS. Designed to be user-friendly and work iMovie app seamlessly on all your Apple devices, iMovie makes it easy to turn yourself and  home videos into enhanced movies. While it may not have the sophistication of other, more sophisticated software, iMovie for Mac is a great choice for first time video editors and home movie directors.

How Do I Get iMovie On My Mac?

Downloading iMovie is easy. Like all Apple apps, the installation is straightforward and in a matter of seconds, you’re ready to get started.

After opening on a Mac computer, users are greeted with a simple block interface with menu items. Keeping the interface cluttered, iMovie only shows you the basic tools you need.

You need to open the application on the project list list screen where you can start creating your first movie. Click on the Create New box and choose between creating videos, photos and music, or following a template to create a Hollywood-style movie trailer.

You will then be taken to the project interface, where you can start importing footage and editing your film. Users can import media to their computer or from an external drive or camera.

Unlike some other video editing programs, iMovie does not provide any tutorials for beginners. Instead, tooltips appear as a user icon on specific buttons and features. Useful how-to guides are also available through the Help menu. Overall beginners may find it difficult to get started when using iMovie in other software with more intuitive tutorials.

What Can iMovie Do?

IMovie gives you the basic editing tools you need to keep a movie from a set of imported video clips, allowing you to cut and paste bits into them. You can then add transitions, captions, backgrounds, soundtracks and audio. If you want to start playing with special effects, green screen and blue screen are also supported.

There are so many trailers and templates to choose from that it can help make your movie more professional.

Adding a soundtrack or audio to your creation is a lot easier to integrate with iTunes‌, although we like to see easy access to a library of copyright-free audio content. Images can also be easily imported from the iPhoto and Photos app, but there is a voice over button, from which you can easily add statements.

You can save changes to your editing and digital formats, including 4K resolution for super high quality movies.

IMovie is messy with formats. This DV format works best with movies and trying to import other formats may not work – we have some issues with MP4 file compatibility. However, it works perfectly with footage shot on Apple devices, so format issues should not be an issue for Apple users to make movies from their iPhone-shot videos.

We found that playback with the spacebar function sometimes stops working, sometimes freezing the entire program, forcing you to exit and restart. Luckily iMovie autosave projects regularly, which means we haven’t lost any work, but it’s annoying.

Good For Beginners, Need More For Professionals.

iMovie is aimed at beginners as a whole, although first-time editors need to take some time to spend an image together. It also uses many specific terms unknown to first time users.

The early stages of using iMovie require some patience, but thanks to its simple, clear functionality it is a very quick learning curve. You would be surprised to know that you can make a basic debut very fast.

Once you have made several movies and learned all the functionality available, you can start limiting iMovie for Mac a bit. Advanced video editors will certainly find that it does not have expert editing functions, but templates included in others will be slightly undetermined.

However, it is important to remember that iMovie is useful for beginners to create simple video projects. Once you find that you need more professional-quality editing software, moving on to Final Cut Pro X is a good next step. Alternatively, Lightworks is a very advanced editing program. For industry-standard selection, users may prefer Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Is iMovie Compatible With YouTube?

If you are just starting out as a producer on YouTube, iMovie is a great choice. It provides an integrated YouTube uploader to publish your creations online. However, we sometimes find that it fails to upload properly or tags the video incorrectly.

You can email your creations, share them on Vimeo or create a video for Facebook, however you will need to upload it yourself.

Can You Get iMovie On Windows Computer?

iMovie is only available for Mac / iOS; Apple has not released the Windows version of iMovie or announced its intention to develop iMovie for PC. Since Windows Movie Maker is now disabled, Windows users looking for an alternative to iMovie may prefer the simple and practical layout of the Filmora video editor. Filmora Video Editor for Mac is also available for MacOS users.

First good choice for video editors

iMovie is a free video editing app that is exclusively available through the Apple Store. Its clean and beautiful interface and simple functionality make it perfect for beginners who want to make their debut. Although first time users initially find that they do not have the tutorials to challenge themselves, they quickly learn the key features of the app.

iMovie is a great entry-level desktop application that can transform your footage and photos into impressive displays. Although it lacks some of the formats and features supported in other programs, its simplicity and convenience are actually part of its appeal to beginners.

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