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Learning is a way of transforming changes in learner’s actions through professional training. It results in information acquisition, skills development, confidence s, perceptions etc. On the other hand, a resource is a source that generates profit.

Learning tools or resources are the tools for learning that serve to make teaching and learning more engaging, more motivating, more encouraging, and more productive. Learning tools or resources that educators can use are considered as part of the professional academic development phase either pre-service or in-service, to support educators to do their job effectively. 

This is significant because it has highlighted the standard of educators as the most significant aspect in enhancing the performance of an educational system

We have never learned enough. Sometimes you feel trapped in your own niche, it’s something like you are locked and feeling your personal development drastically low. Even the teaching is ever learning profession, still some educators feel stuck to the particular subject that they are teaching for years.

Taking some time for a course sometimes seems agonizing, time-consuming, and costly. It’s just about too tough to describe. Then comes some free educational services or learning resources.

These resources serve a great option for those who believe they have not the time or money to spend on a class. In this article, we have assembled a list of the best free online learning websites for educators to choose from.

Learning budgets continue to decline but there are several websites providing free tools for teaching and learning. You can use these methods to incorporate inspiring lessons into your classroom and engage students in activities.  Explore the list below and begin to develop as an educator, a professional, and as an individual. 


ArtsEdge, presented by the Kennedy Center

Fresh lesson plans, video clips, and digital services from the improved ArtsEdge platform of the Kennedy Center. The website provides updated tutorials on subjects such as the development of the arts, the development of cultural links, and the use of art to teach skills of the 21st century. Learners will respond to audio recordings, watch the videos and see the role played by music in youth culture and sports such as football.

Smarthistory, presented by the Khan Academy is a digital platform which is intended to replace the textbook on conventional fine arts. Launched in 2005, last year, Smart history has initiated a partnership with Khan Academy. The website provides over 450 videos and 250 articles on art history, covering the native cultures of post-colonialism to the Technological Revolution of the modern world. 

Explore cultural subjects such as feminist art, earth-conscious art, and performance art, and watch the Flickr photo gallery showcasing worldwide masterpieces.

FREE Artist Resources

Also be careful to verify out Online (Federal Tools for Educational Excellence), where you can dive into the art of renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Alexander Calder, Romare Bearden, and Mary Cassatt. FREE is a software directory that is accessible by federal government agencies and nonprofit organizations


Discovery Education: Homework Math Help

Using the methods of discovery Education, children will get help with their math homework and with learning the fundamentals of numbers and number operations. The website includes tools such as videos and guides that illustrate basic operations and additionally assist with mastering math skills, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


This interactive platform has almost all the calculators that any learner or educator can ask for. It allows teachers as well as students to solve mathematical queries and activities by using their valuable tools for learning. The tools can be helpful for range from prekindergarten to calculus level and also include subjects such as financial education, probability, and statistics.


The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium in San Francisco is a museum of Science, Architecture, and Human Experience. Its website provides a place where students can explore their interests through videos, reading, educational games, and other activities to discover scientific concepts. Students may investigate the music and dance sciences and baseball physics or attempt to crack the Mayan code. 

They will witness the dissection of the eye of a cow and the brain of a sheep, learn how to grow a garden, and play games to develop their memory. This engaging, interactive website offers an array of scientific knowledge that connects young people, parents, and educators alike.

Environmental Protection Agency

Help your students grasp the climate change debate with current research, news stories, and multimedia resources from the EPA that discuss changes in the Earth’s climate. The organization has created a special website to help students of all ages monitor the impact of climate change and changing worldwide weather patterns.


International Children’s Digital Library

As children travel from country to country, they lose their native language tales, says the Founder of the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL), which has established a digital collection of historical and contemporary books from around the world. The Foundation notes that children need access to books in their culture irrespective of where they live; this creative resource therefore includes 4,643 books in 61 languages.

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets was developed by WETA to encourage new readers to struggle. Including interviews with children’s book writers to videos, games, notes, and learning manuals, the website includes a broad variety of tools to assist parents, students, educators, and professors in their attempts to develop literacy abilities. The website also provides classroom methods for teaching reading, study references, and lists of books on the subject.

Vista higher learning 

During this time of great complexity and transition, Vista Higher Learning provides a range of useful tools to support K-16 language educators. Find information sessions on how to move to virtual learning by teaching assistants, material that students or educators can use at home, and free 90-day teacher access to all VHL items online. In short, they are offering free and educational services.

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