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French technology can digitalize agriculture

French technology can digitalize agriculture

High production cost has been standing in the way of stabilizing prices of essential goods in the digitalize agriculture market Agriculture Minister Dr Abdur Razzaque has sought French technology in producing crops and digitalization of marketing systems to reduce production cost and stabilize the market.High production cost has been standing in the way of stabilizing prices of essential goods in the market.

He was speaking at a webinar titled “E-Commerce in Agriculture Sector for Rural digitalize agriculture Development & Transformation: Sharing Experiences of Thailand”, jointly organized by France Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFB) and Centre for Integrated Rural Development for Asia and Pacific (Cirdap) in collaboration with e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) recently.

The innovation of new varieties of rice, increased productivity and better policy support helped Bangladesh increase production despite the fact that area of farmland has decreased in the last 50 years, said the minister. The population of Bangladesh was 75 million in 1971 and now stands at 170 million.

Sharing his personal experience, he said French technological giants that have invested in food processing industries in neighbouring India can also set up food processing industries in Bangladesh as the latter has a big market of 170 million consumers. Bangladesh has become a member of a mid-income country this year with per capita income rising to $2,300 surpassing India.

Global rice prices fell to a 15-month low in June, but its price is now the highest in Bangladesh than in any Asian country, according to official figures. Rice varieties of India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Thailand, which are similar to that of Bangladesh, are trading at $373-525 a tonne globally, disclosed the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

France Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFB) president Syed Mahmudul Haque said: CCIFB has in its membership most of the leading agri entrepreneurs of the country like ACI, Ispahani, Square, Pran and Paragon. Our partner, Business France, also has rich experience in agri-business in India and other developing countries with their latest state-of-art technologies.

Some agri-based ecommerce platforms have been in existence as early as 2014. These platforms allowed the farmers to directly communicate with the consumer and set fair prices for their products.  As of January 2021, there were 47.61 million internet users in Bangladesh, which is 8% higher than 2020. reduce rural poverty focusing on the vulnerable rural population; ensure balanced development across districts, with a particular focus on the poor region; promote cooperative activities in production and financial resource pooling; and ensure linkage among farmers, non-farm employees and markets for marketing products.”

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