Frequent Questions About Clear Aligners That You Should Know of

If you’ve talked to a dentist or an orthodontist, you would know that this is where the trend is heading. More and more people are choosing to get clear aligners in Singapore. What’s the buzz? We’ve got you covered. Read on and get to know what clear aligners are and whether they are the right fit for you.

Why does clear aligners so expensive?

The total costs of aligners depend on the costs of:

  • The teeth x-ray
  • The making of the aligners (the moulds and 3D printing)
  • The dentist or orthodontist consultation prior making the aligners
  • The dentist or orthodontist appointments during the treatment period
  • The complexity of the case
  • Other examinations required

On top of the items above, clear aligners are so expensive because of all the technology, research and development that have gone behind it. It takes a lot of care and labor to produce clear aligners that specifically fit you. Clear aligners are not this one-size-fits-all kind of treatment because every set of teeth is different.

What are the do’s and don’ts of clear aligners?


  • Take out aligners before you eat something or drink anything else other than water.
  • Be disciplined. Because aligners are removable, so the effectiveness of the treatment relies a lot on the patient’s discipline. If you need to wear it for 22 hours, make sure you wear it for at least 22 hours because otherwise the treatment won’t produce the intended results.


  • Drink hot water.
  • Clean it with toothpaste or with soaps that contain coloring.
  • Assume treatment is complete once your orthodontist says you are done with your aligners. You still have to wear retainers after to help maintain and retain your current teeth alignment. So many people experience their teeth shifting back to their misalignment because they don’t want to be disciplined with their retainers.

What can clear aligners not fix?

Here are some things that clear aligners cannot fix:

  • Repositioning and realigning your teeth that have implants. Implants cannot move so your orthodontist will need to figure out how to work around the implant.
  • If there is a tooth rotation, clear aligners might not be the right treatment.
  • If there is a teeth overjet, clear aligners might not be able to treat this.
  • If your tooth experienced an extrusion that requires correcting or realigning, clear aligners may not be able cannot fix this. [1]

Which is better: metal braces or clear aligners?

This depends on your specific case. Aligners are perfect for malocclusion or mild misalignment. It is not good for complex cases because complex cases require a hard adjustment and aligners aren’t made for tough and hard adjustments on the teeth.

Metal braces in general are more effective. It does require regular follow ups with the orthodontist so that the progress can be monitored closely. But these follow ups also mean more guaranteed results. Braces are also easier to adjust because they are by nature adjustable, while aligners are not.

However, aligners look better than metal braces. They are invisible and they don’t change your appearance. They are also more comfortable to wear because they aren’t as painful as metal braces. They are more convenient because you can eat anything. On top of that, clear aligners are easy to clean.

Tip About getting clear aligners

There are different types of clear aligners in Singapore such as Invisalign, Zenyum, Wonder Smile, etc. Read up more about the difference between them. Get an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist and get their professional opinions! Meet for a consultation to know your personal condition!

[1] Doomen, R.A, and B. Aydin, and R. Kuitert, 2018. Possibilities and limitations of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. An exploration, from https://www.ntvt.nl/tijdschrift/editie/artikel/t/mogelijkheden-en-beperkingen-van-orthodontische-behandeling-met-clear-aligners-een-verkenning

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