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From zero to the way ‘time’ in a million homes

Time TV has won the ‘Diamond Play Button’ award as the first and only YouTube channel in the country. This is a great story of glory. Apart from that, the unveiling of the Diamond Button on YouTube is a huge joy – a different kind of pride, joy and honor in the history of the country.

The story is about making history, creating milestones, setting an unforgettable example. The story, the screenplay, the whole scene is based on true events! In the history of the digital sector of the country, the YouTube of ‘Samay TV’ is such a groundbreaking history.

Such a big achievement in such a short time has already garnered applause from YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing platform. Moreover, for the first time any achievement for a country is undoubtedly worthy of praise.

In this context, the head of TV broadcasting and technology. Salauddin Selim said, our journey was not very easy. First a YouTube channel was opened. The next morning we came and saw that the channel was no more. Banned. At that time, YouTube introduced a new policy. As a result, he was shutting down the YouTube channel if he made a small mistake. Our first target was to give up the news. Later we increase the scope. We also start giving up what is not going on TV. In just 3 months we get the silver button. And it took us only 1 year to get 1 million subscribers.

“Then we set the target. We will be the number one YouTube channel in the country and we will achieve the Diamond Button,” he added. That’s how I started. We continue to analyze what the audience wants.

Nayan Kumar Rudra, in-charge of Time Digital Content Management, said, “When we moved closer to around 1 crore, our excitement was very different. We stayed up all night to witness that Mahendrakshan. But it did not happen at night. We have 1 crore subscribers at 9:42 am the next day. The date was May 1, 2021. Today we have about 1 crore 21 lakh families on YouTube.

He added that Time TV’s YouTube channel could be considered as the largest digital archive in the country. We have about 90,000 video content. It’s just growing every day. We have 4 more YouTube channels. Everything is moving very fast.

Meanwhile, the acquisition of ‘Diamond Play Button’ of Samay Television has been celebrated in Samay’s own office with colorful arrangements. The event started on Friday (October 6) afternoon and lasted till night.

Ahmed Jobayer, CEO and Managing Director of Samay Media Limited, Morshedul Islam, Head of Program and Advisor of the channel, Md. Mohammad Ali, Head of Broadcasting and Technology were present at the event. All the officers and employees of the channel including Salauddin Selim.

Also present were filmmaker Simon Sadiq, musician Mahtim Shakib, Pinky and many more.

Welcoming the achievement of Samay Television, Simon said, “Samay Television is one of my favorite televisions. This achievement of time is truly unimaginable. No one in the country has been able to achieve this yet. Time TV will go further in the future. I believe in this.

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