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Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord Boxes for Bulk Shipping Containment

Business owners whose operations depend on the regular shipping of materials via pallets know how frustrating that transport can be. All the jarring and jostling that takes place as the pallets are being moved, loadand unloadcan really do a number on the materials being shipped. Gaylord boxes were designspecifically to mitigate such issues.

Pallet sizbulk Gaylord Boxes:

Gaylord boxes are large corrugatcontainers that are constructin such a way that their dimensions match the pallet on which they are to be shipped. The resulting perfect fit eliminates a lot of the sliding around that would otherwise occur with boxes that are too small for the pallet onto which they are loaded. While their corrugatconstruction might sound like a risk, there is another aspect of these boxes that gives them addprotection. They are triple-wallor better to safeguard their contents three times over or better. In fact, this type of storage option can accommodate weight capacities in the thousands of pounds.

This layereffect also provides extra cushioning for the contents containin the Gaylord boxes. In addition, it aids on the prevention of bulging that can further damage what is containinside. But the benefits of using these boxes for pallet shipping don’t stop there. These containers also strongly built so that they can stackone on top of the other. In shipping situations where rates are chargon a per-pallet basis, the financial savings here can really add up quickly.

For cost-conscious business owners:

Additional money can be savby investing in usGaylord boxes rather than buying them new. And the available options are virtually endless. Users can choose from boxes with a full bottom or only a partial bottom. They can also select from liddand non-liddvarieties. The shapes that Gaylord boxes come in offer some flexibility as well. Traditional square and rectangular boxes are also joinby unique octagonal arrangements.

Gaylord boxes can be disassemblwhen not is use and they fold flat so that they can be conveniently storjust about anywhere. Finally, and very importantly, the boxes are reusable and recyclable, thereby reducing the carbon footprint they leave behind. By purchasing usGaylord containers, business owners can even further reduce environmental impacts they are making.

With all these advantages associatwith them, it’s no wonder that so many pallet shippers choose Gaylord boxes for their containment needs. Some of the typical application for these boxes are: containing loose part; storing sand, powders and other granular materials; intermediate shipping and storage of bulk materials; collecting recyclmaterial; collecting and shipping waste material; and containing liquids.

Being that Gaylord boxes made of corrugatfiberboard:

One might understandably question how they can possibly be usfor liquid and waste containment. In such situations, the boxes can easily be linwith plastic to prevent seepage and spillage.

When shopping for bulk containers for pallet shipping, be sure to take a look at usGaylord boxes before opting for one of their alternatives. The environment, your bottom line and your shipping contents will all thank you.

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