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Georgia Emily Austin Speaks Out On Why Brands Need A Solid Content Strategy

Content. It’s how brands paint customers a picture of their core values, products and services, and benefits. Customers don’t just buy products, they buy into brands. Through website copy, product descriptions, blog posts, customer communications, mission statements, and social posts, a company can create a verbal identity that reaches the heart of its target audience. According to Georgia Austin, a solid content strategy drives organic growth, converts clicks to leads, and builds customer loyalty. 

She’s the founder and CEO of Wizard of Content. A copywriting agency that has been growing exponentially since its incorporation in March 2020. Now employing over 60 writers worldwide, Georgia Austin makes it her business to understand what makes content effective. 

For Georgia, it’s all about emotion. Content that makes the reader – and customer – feel something. She says, “People want to feel like they are part of something – a community,” she adds, “great content helps brands speak to the heart of their customers.” So why not just write content with personality, publish it on a website or blog and share it? According to Georgia, it’s not quite that simple.

Performance content is a marriage of emotionally-driven, resonant words and SEO expertise. One without the other will not work. Generic content that gets good listings on Google results pages will drive organic traffic. But, without brand identity and insights into core values, traffic won’t convert. It is something that Georgia Austin is highly aware of when working with clients at Wizard of Content. She says, “We like to think we’re allergic to generic copy – it simply makes you sound like everyone else.” To succeed, brands need to differentiate themselves from competitors and align themselves with the values of their target customers.

Equally, engaging content has little value if it is not visible. Search optimization is vital to drive organic growth. A solid strategy is necessary to define which keywords to target, what content to write, and when to publish. Georgia recommends brands consider all communications channels and tailor messages to each. She would also ensure web copy is not only full of personality but is written with SEO best practices in mind. 

Helping define and implement a solid content strategy, says Georgia Austin, is where copywriting agencies like Wizard of Content come in. Her highly effective approach is rapidly disrupting the agency space. She says, “We really strive to take the non-traditional route in business. Speaking like friends with our clients, hiring digital nomads who can live and work anywhere in the world, and supporting freelancers’ projects outside our remit.” Georgia believes that this approach leads to more creative, on-brand writing, faster turnaround times, and an ability to match clients with writers who specialize in their industry. 

With the growth of Wizard of Content, Georgia Austin has seen the benefits of a solid content strategy. Clients have seen organic growth, better customer loyalty, and increased brand equity. “After all,” she says, “without the right words you don’t have a brand.” 

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