Google News & Google Discover Down for you or worldwide? All you need to know

Google News Down today

Google News along with Google Discover is currently down for millions of users worldwide. There is no search result in the News Tab and showing “There are no items to show” message in the news channel.

As per the report, the incident took place today, Friday (May 27, 2024) at around 6:40 PM due to an outage. As a result, users are not seeing any content in the News Tab on the search result. On the other hand, Google Discover is also showing a blank.

While writing this news, the live and shows the results according to the user’s experience. However, the news channels of the vast amount of popular news portals show “There are no items to show” while some of them get back again at the right place.

Thousands of people including News Publishers are taking on X (formerly Twitter) regarding this incident. So, if you are getting a blank page on both Google News or Discover you are not alone.

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