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Gorgeous Smiles, Dr. Minoo Ghamari And The Dental Care Revolution

Dental care is often associated with dread and uncertainty in patients, while reality for many is the unshakeable realization that a potential procedure is at stake. The experience, therefore, is portrayed to be negative. This is at odds with the medical sector at large, which has experienced a positive change in favor of patient-first care, transparency, and comfort for clients.

Dr. Minoo Ghamari, one of the co-founders of @gorgeoussmilesdentistry, wishes to see dentistry included in this dramatic overhaul. She has a vision for the future of her profession that is unlike her contemporaries with the ultimate aim of transforming negative assumptions about dental care.

Gorgeous Smiles, which is based in Melbourne, Australia, has been faced with potential setbacks over the years. Towards the start of its journey, the aspiring dental professional still had to study for her dental examinations, which dominated the company’s prospects and her own mindset for a period. Complicating matters further, Ghamari and her mother had recently emigrated to the country and quickly realized that integration into the Australian high street would take some time, let alone developing a client base from scratch. That’s all without scratching the surface of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Setbacks in business are overcome by finding a unique selling point. Gorgeous Smiles (accessible at https://www.gorgeoussmiles.com.au/) uses its patient approach as its standout feature. Operating as a ‘dental spa’, patients are encouraged to enjoy the experience and its positive effects on their health, as opposed to being fearful or worried.

Beyond its in-person approach is Gorgeous Smiles’ cutting-edge use of technology to reach and attract a client base. Since using social media to bridge understanding gaps in dental health, Ghamari has found a notable increase in patient interest. It helps that she offers online cosmetic consultations for those unsure about taking the next step.

After surviving and prospering through several years of uncertainty, Gorgeous Smiles finds itself on the brink of becoming a significantly influential force in dental care. Ghamari aspires to Australia-wide expansion for Gorgeous Smiles.

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