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Guest houses aren’t reserved for the rich and famous

Guest houses aren’t reserved for the rich and famous

Guest houses aren’t reserved for the rich and famous anymore. In recent years, many architects have come up with guest house plans and ideas that are ideal for people from all walks of life. Truoba 1800 square feet house plans are also famous and can be used for Guest houses. Guest houses don’t have to be confined to simply being an extra asset that adds value to your home. Depending on where you live, guest houses can be seen as a multipurpose space. A guest house can be a place where you indulge in your hobbies; from meditation to wood sculpting, they can be a home away from home.

Regular Features of Guest House Plans

Open Concept Floor Plans

Accessibility and Safe Designs
For those that are building a guest house with their parents in mind, many people are opting for floor plans that can cater to the elderly and the handicapped. These floor plans include limited stairs, en-suite bedrooms, ample space for wheelchair accessibility, and installation of rails and seated areas inside bathrooms.

Green Guest Houses
With the small homes movement growing in momentum, many homeowners have opted to build their small guest houses from container homes. This is a great option for homeowners that are conscientious about climate change and would prefer to use materials that don’t incorporate elements like wood or cement. The best thing about container guest homes is that you can save costs on construction and create an eco-friendly home at a fraction of the cost.

Types of Guest House Floor Plans

The Generic Guest House Floor Plan
It consists of one large bedroom, one bathroom, and an open concept kitchen, dining, and living area. At a little bit over 500 sq. feet, it’s perfect as a pool or lake guest house.

Attached In-Law Guest House Floor Plan

It comes with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an open concept living area, and kitchen with a wraparound porch.

If you’d like something a bit different, their design team can modify existing floor plans or come up with something new just for you!

Guest House Benefits

Ample Space
Having a space where you can relax and unwind after a long day is heavenly. For those that have kids, having a guest house where they can play or alternatively, having that space reserved for you can be a godsend!

Increased Property Value
Investing in a guest house will add value to your property if you plan on selling your house.

Guest House Drawbacks
Depending on where you live, your guest house has to adhere to area rules and specifications. Some subdivisions and suburbs do not allow homeowners to erect additional structures to their homes which can include guest houses.

What’s the best guest house floor plan?
The best plan is one that works for you. Do some research, find out what you like and don’t like, and go from there.

Do I need construction floor plans to build my guest house

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