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Habits that increase the risk of brain stroke

Habits that increase the risk of brain stroke

The rate of disease increases with age. Problems that are commonly seen in the home are high blood pressure, diabetes, various eye problems, etc. In all of this, another disease can strike suddenly. That is a brain stroke. What causes brain stroke?

Doctors say that when the blood supply to the brain suddenly stops or when the bleeding starts, that condition is called brain stroke. Usually an irregular lifestyle can push people towards brain stroke. So in order to prevent ourselves from such a disease, we first need to look at our lifestyle.

The risk of stroke is greatly increased in both men and women due to busy lifestyles and some unhealthy habits. Experts say that the following habits increase the risk of stroke in both men and women.

Lying down

Many people spend the whole day lying down. But not only does not exercising regularly increase excess weight and obesity, but it can also lead to major illnesses. In addition to increasing the risk of stroke due to lack of physical activity, the risk of various chronic diseases can also increase. So give up unhealthy lifestyle habits and focus on healthy eating and regular exercise.


Smoking is a very harmful habit, it is not unknown to anyone. In addition to having a detrimental effect on memory, smoking can double the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. Moreover, smoking not only increases the risk of stroke, but it also severely affects heart health and respiratory function.



Like smoking, alcohol is also harmful to health. The habit of drinking alcohol further increases the risk of brain stroke. According to experts, alcohol raises blood pressure. And as a result, the risk of brain stroke increases.

High blood pressure

People who have high blood pressure, diabetes, and a family history of stroke have a higher risk of developing the disease.

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Bay leaves are beneficial to improve the skin. In addition, it is effective in preventing skin infections. There are various types of fungal infections of the skin. Especially grandfather’s problem is many. They can boil one bay leaf in four cups of water and drink that water. You have to drink this water four or five times a day. The benefits can be obtained by going through this for five weeks. Even if that water is applied on the grandfather, it is beneficial.

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Bay leaves contain various antimicrobials, which help reduce various inflammations of the respiratory tract. Many people break their throats when they cough or speak loudly. Boiling bay leaves and drinking that water can reduce sore throat.

Eliminates bad breath
Stinking? Or has the skin become dry? Take bay leaves and apply it like sandalwood paste. Two problems will be reduced.

Eliminates urinary problems
Is the body dry? The color of urine is yellow? Soak bay leaves in two to three cups of hot water for two hours. Then drink the water every two to three hours. The problem will be reduced.

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