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Had Liton not failed he would have hit 6 Mahmudullah

22 runs are required for the last 2 overs. Liton Das and Mahmudullah were the batters of the flock. Captain
Tiger further reduced the target by hitting 6. The next four balls were three runs.

Liton picked up a long ball at the end of the round. If there were other outfielders, there could have been six insurance policies.

But Jason Holder, one of the greatest cricket players there, raised his hand and easily caught the ball. Mahmudullah Riyadh said the party is leaning towards the West Indies.
Bangladesh lost three runs against the Caribbean in a Do or Die match at the T20 World Cup in Sharjah on Friday. To attack first, the West Indies recorded 142 runs, losing 6 wickets in a defensive mistake by a Bangladeshi outfielder. Correspondingly, the Tigers lost 5 wickets and stopped at 139 runs.

This is the end of my dream of playing in Bangladesh’s third category semifinals. With a stroke of
143, Bangladesh lost two starters Shakibu Alhasan and Mohammadnamed fields in 29 runs. After that, Liton fell to 3 and started playing slowly. At the other end, the ticket gates fall at regular intervals. However, Mahmudura left at 6 o’clock and steered.

He took Liton and led the team to the goal. However, after Liton hit 44 with 44 balls, Riyadh couldn’t stand the pressure.
Bangladesh required 13 runs in the last 6 balls of an exciting battle.

Mahmudura and Afif made 10 runs with the first 5 balls. On the last ball I had to limit or make 3 runs. However, Mahmudura was unable to hit the bat with Andre Russell’s last ball.

The Tigers remain undefeated with 31 out of 24 balls. But Windy’s won. Asking for the reason for the defeat at the end of the
match, Mahmudura said: If there were 6 (Liton shots) … maybe that’s the advantage of a long outfield player. Still, we have to say that our players played well, but lost something in 1015 runs. I tried various things at first, but shooting around here is not easy. It’s very difficult to run when the ball is behind. The bowler went well, but the batting … but the fight was fierce and it didn’t blame anyone. “

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