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Hair loss These 4 diseases have not secretly made their home in the body

Hair loss? These 4 diseases have not secretly made their home in the body!

Hair will fall out and new hair will grow again, this is normal. According to experts, it is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs daily. But if the problem of hair loss takes a serious shape, then it must be understood that some other disease has settled in the body. As a result, more hair is falling out.

Experts say that the symptoms of hair loss are often an indication of another disease. So they are advised not to take the problem of hair loss lightly. Let’s find out which diseases start to fall out when they settle in the body.

Polycystic ovary syndrome
Polycystic ovary syndrome has been a problem in many women recently. Experts say that this problem is mainly due to hormonal imbalance. If this problem occurs, irregular menstrual problems occur in women. Problems such as excessive hair loss, rough and dry hair and thinning hair also occur. Moreover, this disease also causes weight gain.

Thyroid problems
If you have problems with excessive hair loss, it is important to get a thyroid test. According to experts, if the body has thyroid problems, the hair becomes rough. With that the hair also started falling out. The thyroid also affects memory.

If you notice hair loss problems while shampooing, then anemia has settled in your body! According to experts, just as anemia is a common problem in women nowadays, it is also a problem for hair loss due to anemia.

Mental problems
Experts say that stress is one of the main causes of hair loss. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to mental health to avoid stress and prevent hair loss due to stress, experts say. You can also do yoga or meditation to improve mental health.

What to do before going to bed to prevent hair loss

Hair will fall out and new hair will grow again, this is normal. But a lot of times the hair falls out too much. As a result, the fear of hair loss and baldness works in them. Hair can fall out for several reasons. Some of these habits also cause excessive hair loss. This requires proper care.

Men and women have problems with hair loss. But the problem has to be solved. There is an easy way at your fingertips. It is possible to prevent hair loss by doing a few things before going to bed at night.

Dry hair
Never lie down with wet hair. The hair should be dried as much as possible. So do not use a hair dryer! Wipe the hair well with a towel to dry it. Wet hair is very sensitive and soft. As a result, hair can break easily.

Comb the hair
Combing your hair before going to bed will reduce the tendency to fall out. In this case, before going to sleep, lightly comb the hair with a thick comb. Strong combing on wet hair damages the hair. This can loosen the ends of the hair. It is very good if a little dry shampoo can be applied.

Hair tying rules

If you sleep with your hair open, there is a risk of hair damage by rubbing the pillow. So you should sleep with your hair tied. It is better to tie the hair with silk cloth, there is no risk of breaking the hair. Also, the hair cannot be tied tightly. When tied tightly, the roots of the hair become weak. This leads to hair loss.

Add oil

Lack of nutrition in the body causes more hair to fall out. The oil nourishes the hair. However, there are rules for giving oil. You can apply oil on your hair before going to bed at night. You can massage the scalp well with oil. The hair will become smooth and vibrant. Applying oil removes dryness of the scalp. As a result dandruff is eliminated. It also plays an effective role in preventing hair loss.

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